130128 – Gold Bonds

Today’s Items:

Gold Backed Bonds

Central Bankers, working behind the scenes, have come up with another scheme to drain the EU of physical gold.    Since the gold cannot not be physically confiscated because of the European paper debt, they are floating the trial balloon to back up that paper debt with physical gold to make the game go on a little longer.    Of course, the gold-backed bond will most likely offer a fraudulent short-term solution to Europe’s woes.    So, once the gold is finally confiscated, because of lack of fiscal constraint, will we see land backed bonds?

No Silver Shortage

This video, using USGA data, articulates that silver may not be going extinct and that there may not be a silver shortage.    So, while silver may not be going extinct, it should be noted that it is only being extracted out of the ground at a rate of about 10 to 1 to gold.    This means, that the priced Silver-to-Gold ratio should be about 10 to 1 and not the 50’s as we are seeing it in the markets today.  (BrotherJohnF destroys this story – Thanks for your work John because this reason still exists to stack silver. 🙂 )

Gold Won’t Save You From Hyperinflation

The fear mongering continues as a new BS study came out and claimed that gold is not a safe-haven hedge against hyperinflation.     This study tries to tie gold to the stock market, fortunately, paper, not physical, gold is tied to the stock market.    In addition, it also tie gold prices with the Brazilian inflation from 1980; however, it excludes currency regulations in that country.    Historically, gold has been the ultimate store of wealth; therefore, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

The Facts on Food Stamps

Here are a few…
1. USDA assumes families will spend 30% of their income on food when, in fact, because of housing and healthcare, it is 13%.
2. There is a 16-month lag between when the USDA assesses food costs and when it adjusts benefit amounts.
3. Those on the Food Stamp Program may have an increase in BMI and the probability of obesity.

2nd Amendment

There are several reasons why confiscation of weapons in the U.S. will fail…
1. Many in the military would not follow an unconstitutional order.
2. The DHS and TSA are not large enough or talented enough.
3. Local law enforcement resistance.
4. Reprisals on those, and their families, who try to confiscate guns.
5. The amount of weapons and training in the 10 years of war that the US has already been in.

Bill To Set Limit For Stoned Driving

A plan is in the works to set a limit for people driving while under the influence of marijuana in Colorado. When it comes to alcohol, the law is clear.     Both political parties agree that there needs to be a limit for safety and unreliable sources claim that Cheech and Chong will help write the legislation.

Struck Down

Just 10 days after getting a flu shot on air, Piers Morgan gets struck down.      Maybe, he will rethink getting another flu shot and also rethink Gun Control as well.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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7 thoughts on “130128 – Gold Bonds

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  2. After Roosevelt Confiscation Gold on April 3 1933. I’d never trust gold as a hedge.
    Once something isn’t unprecedented to do, I would think it would make it 100 x easier to do again.

    • The nice thing, is if gold confiscation happens again, as per Article 1 Section 8 and 10, you can demand physical silver as compensation. Can you imagine getting 50+ ounces of silver for every physical ounce of gold? 🙂

      • Hum didn’t know that, but they way things have been going lately, do you really believe that they would even give the people silver? At this point, they even want to come into your home and take your can of beans!

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