121222 – Smaller Government Needed

Today’s Items:

The Inter-connective Web of Global Debt

One look at this interconnected mess of lending and one becomes aware that things could get ugly for everyone if, even a small country, cannot repay their loans.    For instance, The UK borrows over 1.7 trillion pounds; however, they lend 1.8 trillion pounds.    To that end, many countries are in both the lender and debter category.

Riots in Argentina

In a precursor to what is to come to the US, in Argentina, people are dying as looting spreads.  Inflation is running 25%.  Another preview of what is to come to the US.

China and Silver

China’s silver situation has changed in 20 years.   Back then, the country was a small player.    Today, China produces 14% of the world’s silver and is responsible for 17% of global demand.    At 104.6 tons in 2011, China is now the third-largest producer of silver after Peru and Mexico.   Urbanization and rising incomes paint a bright picture for silver in China.

Michigan’s Right-To-Work Law Already Attracts Union Jobs

Michigan’s new right-to-work law, that makes it illegal to force people to join a union in the public or private sector, is actually attracting more union workers jobs.   Who knows, despite Obama and the unions, if Michigan keeps this up, they may someday become business friendly again and return to a road of wealth.

The Government Cannot Take Away Our Guns

History is littered with people for gun-control…. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao and Obama to name a few.    47% of Americans claim they own guns and it is a pretty good idea that many more do, but will not admit to it.    In addition, by a large margin, the U.S. military supports the Constitution and not Obama first.    While laws can be passed, or Executive Orders signed, the act of actually taking guns away from Americans would likely result in an all-out insurrection.    These insurrections would definitely shut down stores that Obama’s welfare supporters need for getting their food.   Obama, Feinstein, and others, siding with their allies in communist China, going against the U.S. Constitution may not go over too well.

Economy Destroyed By Democrat Policies

A new study, from the widely respected National Bureau of Economic Research, confirms that the Community Reinvestment Act, that was enacted under Carter and made more aggressive under Clinton, was directly responsible for imploding the housing market causing the miserable economy we see today.    Of course, the military industrial complex and wars, funded by Republican spending did not make things easier.    In short, the smaller the government, the better the government.

UPS Joins Postal Service Workers in Crime

First, it was Postal workers illegally cashing government checks,  now there is a surveillance video of a UPS employee stealing a iPad mini.    At first, UPS was unhelpful; however, thanks to the video being online, UPS did a 180 and had the driver arrested.     With so much crime, it may be a good idea to have all packages sent signature required.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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