121210 – Hyporcrites and Liars

Today’s Items:

Federal Government Borrowing

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the federal government is borrowing 46 cents of every dollar that has been spent.    This borrowing totals 4.8 billion dollars per day.   Much of this increased spending has been in areas of Social Security, Medicare, and interest on the debt.   Needless to say, real default or hyperinflation are not in the distant future.

Food Stamp Participation

Food Stamp participation jumped over 607,000 in the month of September to a total of 47.71 million.    The USDA, conveniently, delayed this knowledge until after the election.    Add to this, the data-manipulators at the USDA missed over 150,000 participants in July but managed to account for every household.    More and more, the government is proving to be prevaricator of fraud and lies.

Pentagon Cover-Up

While our brave men and women are risking their lives for central bankers err… freedom, military officials at the Pentagon, instead of doing their jobs, are instead downloading child pornography.   In fact. the Department of Offense is protecting 5200 Pentagon officials who have been caught downloading the stuff.

Gun-Control Hypocrite

Illinois State Senator Donne Trotter, a fierce gun control advocate, was arrested at O’Hare International Airport for having a .25-caliber Beretta semiautomatic pistol in his carry-on bag.   It is more of the do as we say, not as we do.   Right Donne?

California Revenue in Free-fall

Hammering the so-called rich, in California, has not increased state tax revenue.   In fact, tax revenue has decreased over 806 million dollars, or 10.8%, for November.   The state government, with the passage of proposition 30, will spend even more.    I bet those citizens in California can’t wait for another IOU, in lieu of a tax return check next year.

Behind The Scenes In The Gold War

John Hathaway believes that China, like the Central Banks, are scooping up gold as fast, and as quickly, as they can.    They sort of understand that one way or another they are going to get screwed because there is no way out for the US.   The disinformation campaign, like Goldman Sachs, is only to keep the price down long enough to acquire as much gold as possible.   So, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

End of Jobless Benefit Extension

Behind the political BS of the “Fiscal Cliff” is the fact that 2.1 million people will lose their emergency unemployment benefits four days after Christmas.   In addition, 1 million will lose these benefits over the next three months.   Just imagine the scene when the money stops because those families are going to need some help.

Record Number Of Families In Need

Officials with the Salvation Army say they’re seeing a record number of families asking for help this holiday season.    Nearly 18,000 families have registered for Christmas assistance in the last month.    An increase of 2,500 since last year, breaking the 2009 record.   If you can, please consider giving generously to the Salvation Army because, unlike the Red Cross, this is an honorable organization.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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