121208 – Hiding The Truth

Today’s Items:

Greece Downgraded Again

Here we go again, after a few days of optimistic statements and fanfare that Greece could go another two years, Standard & Poor’s has downgraded Greece from CCC to SD.   By the way SD means Selective Default.    That means investors, banks, and tax payers in both Europe and the US have taken a loss. How much of a loss?    We will see.

New Jobs

According to official data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 73.3% of new jobs, created in the last 5 months, are in government.    As of November, over 20.5 million are employed by the government.    In short, more people are being hired into government positions than the private sector.    Needless to say, this situation will not last.

U.S. Consumer Sentiment

Well, its Christmas season and people are out shopping.    Uh wait…    Consumer sentiment plunged to 74.5 in early December – the lowest level since August.    So, are we to believe that election season saw an increase in consumer sentiment?   Or, like the BLS BS, it was manipulated.    At this point, the truth is that official economic statistics are not the truth.   The only people who do not want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.

Gold Shorts Are Now Exposed

Ben Davies believes that the fundamentals behind gold, from mining supply, extraction, and grade degradation, are setting up gold for a huge spike in price.    In fact, he goes on to describe that China’s increasing demand, alone, will force gold up from the manipulated lows we are seeing today.   So, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

UN Report For Tracking People Online

Outlined in a UN report, on how terrorist use the internet, are the stages law enforcement agencies should go through when conducting electronic surveillance of suspects.     It’s nice that the UN has exposed the ways officials spy on people; so that, we can come up with countermeasures.     This is because, we know that they believe that everyone is suspect.

Electric Car  Boondoggle

According to the Congressional Budget Office, taxpayers have been rolling snake eyes when it came to funding Obama’s pet project: the electric car.    The 7.5 billion dollars to 2019 has done little to increase mass appeal of electric cars.    Let’s face it, 30,000 dollars is asking a lot for a compact car.    The only way to increase the appeal of the electric car is the introduction of the dreaded carbon tax.    You know, punish the slave for not listening to masters.

Gun Sales

Officials at Gun-maker Smith & Wesson announced that they had a hell of a quarter.    They made a profit of 21.2 million dollars, which is a 48% increase from the previous quarter. In fact, the 21.2 million dollar profit is far different than the 1.6 million dollar loss in the same quarter last year.     Gee, now what could have caused this dramatic turnaround in one year?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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