121204 – Guns For Flu Shots

Today’s Items:

Japan-Style ‘Lost Decade’ Still Looms for Euro Zone

The euro zone is in the recovery room now.    The danger of a Greek default has been averted for a couple of years.    At least that is the story for now…    While China and the US are in expanding their balance sheets with spending and elevated inflation, Europe will continue to favor austerity over growth in 2013.    Bolder steps, to rectify the situation in Europe, will have to wait until after the German election, where the German people will be lied to by the candidates.    Afterwards, in regards to spending, the sky’s the limit folks.

Empty Promises Won’t Halt Decline

Michael Pento believes that many delusional investors are hoping the global economy will experience a rebound in 2013.    He says that the temporary illusion of global stabilization has come from a massive increase in public sector debt and low interest rates.    The truth is that the the current economic situation was the result of too much debt, rapid money supply growth, asset bubbles, and artificial interest rates.    In short… Greed.   Governments wrongly believe the economy can be remedied by placing all those conditions on steroids.

Economy Already Beginning to Stumble Again?

For the last three years, each summer of recovery has turned into a summer of misery prompting more QE from the FED.    There were glimmers of hope, for the duped masses; however, the Chicago Fed’s National Activity Index fell sharply in October.    Durable Goods Orders were reported to have been flat as well and consumer spending fell 0.2% in October.    Another example of the economic situation is the fact that the Fed had to step in and by 90% of new bonds and monetize the US debt.    The Federal Reserve will not monetize the debt.” – Ben Bernake

Surge in Gold Coin Sales

A lot of people are, as Benji Bernanke would say, holding gold as a tradition.    In fact, the US Mint has reported that the demand for the American Gold Eagle has surged and the last 30 days have seen the largest physical gold sales on record.    Gold, for now, is where everyone appears to be rushing to. It will not be long before people start rushing into silver when gold starts skyrocketing.

Mexico GMO Poisoning Postponed

The “criminals” at Monsanto and Dupont must be very displeased with the government of Mexico since the governments has postponed the approval of GMO corn crops.    Yes folks, while Californians voted to poison themselves with cancer causing GMO’s, the Mexican government, has temporarily held off that decision.    Don’t be surprised if the US military will be called upon to save the Mexican people from their government soon.

Flu Shots for Guns

The city of Worcester, Massachusetts is asking potential victims to turn in their guns and get a free, possible autism causing, flu shot.    Hell, if they turn in their guns, why not give them a free full-body TSA screening while they are at it?    After all, may as well give these potential victims the full Fourth Reich experience.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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