CDC Spreading Fear & BS Again?

News Flash:

Here we go again folks.    Flu season is here and the CDC is spreading nothing but fear and Bullshit again.   Officials at the CDC claim that the flu season has started early and it could be as bad as the 2003-2004 season that resulted in 48,000 deaths.    On average, about 24,000 Americans die each flu season, according to the CDC.

Now with 112 million Americans, who have already been vaccinated, here is some information that will not be released by the CDC because it goes against the corporate pharmaceutical propaganda…

In December 2005, Peter Doshi published a report in the British Medical Journal (online) stating that “U.S. data on influenza deaths are a mess.”   His research indicated the CDC uses the terms “flu death” and “flu associated death” interchangeably and that there were significant statistical incompatibilities between official estimates and national vital statistics data.

In fact, the CDC’s numbers are a combination of influenza and pneumonia deaths.    But as David Rosenthal, director of Harvard University Health Services, said: “People don’t necessarily die, per se, of the [flu] virus—the viraemia.    What they die of is a secondary pneumonia.    So many of these pneumonias are not viral pneumonias but secondary [pneumonias].”

What Doshi found was that in 2001, influenza and pneumonia caused 62,034 deaths.   Of those, 61,777 were attributed to pneumonia; only 257 were attributed to the flu.   But in the 257 cases blamed on the flu, the flu virus was identified in only 18.

About 2900 people are killed by the hippopotamus per year and that is a much larger number than 18.    If you prefer, you can use the 450 people who die falling out bed in the US each year if you like; however, the statistics of being killed by the flu are the same.   To put it into perspective, relatively the same amount of people get crushed by vending machines (10-13/year) as people die from the flu.

Add to this, the autism connection to getting a flu shot, and is getting a flu shot really worth the time, effort and trouble?   In short, one should question everything thing that any government official says and follow the money.


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