Nursing Home Patients Kept in Sandy’s Path

News Flash:

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, acting on the advice of his aides and those of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, recommended that nursing homes and adult homes stay put.    305 residents would ride out the storm where there was extensive flooding and electrical power outages; thus, directly placing those residents at direct risk of being killed.

What is worse, is that the officials would not ensure that the facilities, in harms way, would protect the residents.   They did not require that nursing homes maintain backup generators that could withstand flooding.    They did not ensure that health care administrators could adequately communicate with government agencies during and after the storm.

To add insult to injury, senior Bloomberg and Cuomo aides did not express regret for keeping the residents in place.    So, to Mayor Bloomberg, who needs guns when elected officials, like you, purposely, hiding behind bean counters, place the most vulnerable at unnecessary risk?    Or better yet, who needs “Death Panels” when we have politicians like Michael Bloomberg and Gov. Andrew Cuomo acting in the public’s “so-called” best interest?    Remember, there was advanced warning and they did nothing for these people while Mayor Bloomberg had called for mandatory evacuations for certain areas.


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One thought on “Nursing Home Patients Kept in Sandy’s Path

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