121127 – Watch Your Guns

Today’s Items:

Germany’s Ongoing Refusal to Forgive Greek Debt

Criminal bankers at the IMF believe that the only way to reduce Greek debt to a sustainable level is for the countries creditors, like Germany, to take a loss.     Fortunately, there is a German election next year; thus, German officials are refusing to publicly to consider the proposal.    Of course, after the election, Germany will take the haircut –  no matter who wins.

Egypt’s president Grabs Power

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has grabbed more power and moved the country toward Shariah Islamic law.    Obama must be screaming his head off in silence.    Either that, or he has already secretly phoned the Egyptian President giving him his support as a Muslim Brotherhood ally.

Sandy Washed Away Job Market Gains

Super-storm Sandy is being blamed for any job market gains.   Because of the storm, 10 million workers in coastal counties were tossed out of work and 75,000 more workers filed new unemployment claims.    A report from the Federal Reserve reported that the nation’s total industrial output shrank by 0.4% in October.   These government reports are beginning to have the similar tune of the years of drought that affected crop-production only within the political boundaries of the USSR.

The Chaotic Phase To Begin

Robert Fitzwilson believes that we are seeing cracks in the fabric of societies around the world.    If we then turn to look at the global experience with fiat money, we know it is coming to an end.    Banks continue to pump out paper to temporarily keep the currencies afloat, with a diminishing impact.    At some point, in the very near future, paper money will go to zero while physical gold and silver will go to the moon.    With that said, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

Watch Your Guns

Hillary Clinton, who, with each passing day, resembles more the “Whore of Babylon“, will sign off on the idea selling out the American people in an attempt to enslave them with the UN’s plan to regulate, and eventually confiscate firearms.    In short, get your excuse ready for the Feds as they are about to go door-to-door asking for your registered firearms.

TSA Thug Hangouts

Here are a few of the top 20 airports where the TSA will steal private property, lie, and dish out retribution on passengers:    Miami,  JFK,  Los Angeles,  Atlanta,  Las Vegas,  Dallas/Fort Worth,  and  New York-Laguardia.

9 Reasons For A Coffee Can

Here are a few reasons to have a metal coffee can in a survival kit:
1. Used to purify water with a heat source.
2. Used to dig a hole.
3. Used as a little table on the ground.
4. Used to contain the kit itself.
5. Used to store ahh… coffee.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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