121128 – Don’t Be A Statistic

Today’s Items:

‘Bare Minimum’ to Keep Greece Solvent

The latest Greek debt deal, at about 43.7 billion euros, at the behest of Merkel, only keeps things relatively solvent for the time being.    She could not do more now, because of the upcoming German elections; however, make no mistake, if there were no election, she could not throw money at the Greeks fast enough.    She only made this small deal; so that the whole game does not fall apart before the German elections.

Austria Wants Its Gold Back

There is a heated debate in the Austrian parliament after it was revealed that 224.4 tons of gold are stored in the UK.     So the question is, will the LBMA order a fresh batch of gold paint for its tungsten bars when the Austrian government demands its gold back? Speaking of the LBMA….

The LBMA Is Moving To Cover Up Silver Manipulation

According to James Turk, silver is in backwardation; however, it is not reported that way on the LBMA site. In fact, the LBMA is no longer going to report silver interest rates and silver forward rates; thus, trying to cover up the silver lie.   The lack of forthright information to customers are the types of things one sees when a ponzi fixing scheme is beginning to run into trouble.

Government Child Porn

Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and Green Energy boondoggles was enough to keep people worried about government activities.    Now, it turns out that there are massive child porn rings from the Department of Justice all the way down to State Governments.     And since whistle-blowers are treated at the same level as a threat to the nation, it would be a miracle for these crimes to be stopped.    Hey Janet Incompetano, as per your “If You See Something, say Something” Campaign, take a look at the pedophiles around you.    Hell, while you are at it, just look in the mirror for something really scary and sinister.

Bid Farewell to Pennies and Nickels!
http://goldsilver.com   (Link was updated because original was taken down)

The U.S. Mint intends to remove the penny and nickel coins from circulation beginning early in January 2013.    It costs 4.8 cents and 16.2 cents to make each penny and nickel respectfully.    In fact, the Mint posted a loss of $187.7 million last year.    While the 97.5% zinc penny is not that much of a loss, the 75% copper nickel is something to definitely to stock up on.    In short, with the coming inflation, the nickel’s intrinsic value will be universally recognized; thus, stack a lot of nickels folks.

The Madness of A Lost Society

Here is another exceptional video, by SGT Report, that clearly shows how vulnerable many  clueless Americans are.    Many are not prepared and are even unwilling to be anything to help themselves as they look upon government as their savior.    The vast majority of the leaders in business and government understand what is going on. There are plenty of warning signs, if one just casually looks around.    In short, prepare for yourself, and your loved ones, and do not look for anyone to help…  Period.     Don’t be a statistic.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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