121110 – Rats Jumping Ship

Today’s Items:

LIBOR Arrests Coming?

Traders, not the CEO’s, managers, or supervisors, will be the scapegoat for the LIBOR scam that has affected, perhaps, trillions of dollars in finance around the world.    U.K. prosecutors are poised, with a banker gun at their back no doubt, to put on a show trial that will not bring those really responsible to justice.

$100 Silver! Yes, But When?

From $20 to $1000, there are so many predictions on silver.     $100, or more, silver will come because…
1. The $1 trillion deficit spending by the U.S. government.
2. Quantitative Easing programs that are both stealth and announced by governments.
3. Rising National debt.
4. Increasing industrial demand.
In short, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

Military Absentee Ballots Not Counted  (Oops… It was satire!)

Was it an accident that hundreds of thousands of military absentee ballots arrived hours after the deadline to be counted?    Was it an accident that the ballots were initially mislabeled as ammunition and sat in a warehouse for over a month?    Was it an accident that the C-130 bringing back the ballots was conveniently delayed?    If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you have been drinking too much kool-aid.

Getting Out Of Dodge

Hillary Clinton, the witch of the State Department, knows to get the hell out of Dodge.   Eric Holder, the racist attorney general, knows to get the hell out of Dodge.    Little lying Timmy Geithner, who blamed TurboTax for his cheating on taxes, knows to get the hell out of Dodge.    So, what do they know, and perhaps you as well, that over 95% of Americans don’t?

38 Survival Downloads and Handbooks

Please go to this site and download, and print out each of these downloads.    I say print out because if electrical power goes out, the downloads, in electronic form, will be useless.

When the Hard Times Come – You Are On Your Own!

Called crazies or hoarders, preppers are taking responsibility for themselves.    Both Katrina and Sandy prove, beyond the doubt, that when it hits the fan, the government will not only not help, but will most likely make the situation far worse.    There are a lot of people who will go on after this latest storm without having learned anything – don’t be one of them.    For the rest of the US, and the world, this may actually be the lull before the real civil unrest begins.

Ann Barnhardt

Plain and simple…    Watch these videos because they are very important.

Layoffs Because of Obamacare

Thousands are about to be handed the pink-slip in response to companies having to pay a higher tax burden for Obamacare.   Unfortunately, it would not have been better with Romney since he also supported a Nationalized healthcare system.   In short, many of those, in the private sector, that voted for Obama, may have voted for their own job termination.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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3 thoughts on “121110 – Rats Jumping Ship

  1. Had to give up when she said that Fractional Reserve Bank (making money out of thin air) was somehow sound monetary policy. So if it is indeed moral, why can’t I do it with my bank account and create imaginary dollars and loan them out to others and charge interest? Hmm? This is not to you Scott but more the stupidity of her claiming morality is essential and then abandoning morality in endorsing outright fraud as somehow “good”.

  2. I watched the first three of Ann Barnhardt’s videos and that was all the time I wanted to waste on her nonsense. Yes, an economic collapse is coming, and soon, but Ms Barnhardt is wrong on at least major two major points that I saw in the first three videos.

    1) She says a change must happen in the moral values of our society. That is true, but it will not happen simply by watching a series of videos on YouTube. Nor will it happen coming out the other end of the economic calamity. Having gone through the economic crash, people are not going to suddenly realize socialism is immoral and wrong. Certainly socialism is wrong, but people in general are not going to realize it because of an economic crash. Too many people can’t see the forest through the trees as they mired in their own despair and poverty. She makes the point early on that people have a 30 second attention span. How would a massive change in moral values be brought upon such a people? It won’t happen.

    2) She discredits the gold standard simply because gold can be counterfeited with tungsten. First of all, sonic means are available to detect tungsten in gold bars, as she points out. You don’t need to drill the gold bar to verify it. One of the difficulties in almost any monetary system, be it gold, silver or Federal Reserve dollars, the money tends to gravitate toward the banks through interest. However, mining of gold and silver continues, and banks are not typically in the mining business, nor should they be. In a gold / silver standard, the metal that gets mined can simply go directly into the monetary system and may well eventually end up in a bank. But more gold and silver will continue to be mined. Thus the real backing of money is human labor. It could be the labor that digs up the gold & silver. It could be the labor of pumping gas, stocking shelves in a supermarket, the labor of teaching students or making shoes. Bitcoin tends to enforce this definition of money, but is not yet widely accepted, but is increasing in use. But in a totally free economy, ANY labor is money. One could use almost any form of labor as money. We could have gold, silver, shoes, guns & ammunition, teaching services, and bitcoins all accepted as money in the same economy. Federal Reserve dollars don’t work, because there is no labor attached to them. Ben Bernanke creates trillions of dollars at the push of a button in the flash of an eye, hardly equivalent to other forms of money.

    A government might well demand taxes be paid in a chosen form of valid money, such as gold & silver. That’s fine. One simply exchanges one’s shoes, bitcoins or teaching services for some gold and silver and pay the tax, not that the government really needs or deserves the taxes, but that’s a separate issue. Even banks might well not accept shoes or bitcoins for deposit. Banks would typically accept only gold & silver, but a bank could be established to accept bitcoins. Some business outside the government and banking system could be established to facilitate exchange of moneys into and from gold, silver and bitcoins.

    Certainly none of this is going to get established in the next few weeks. However there are effective means underway to avert the collapse. Certainly this aversion will not come from Congress, the Judiciary, or the White House. Notice that despite Obama’s overwhelming “election victory” (not actually won, simply bamboozled) has resulted in several departures from his administration – Petraeus, Clinton and Holder are all leaving. Who knows where Holder will go. Hopefully he’ll get a job as a border patrolman on the Mexican border (We wish).

    In any case, this economic mess can be sorted out. Listen to Drake at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/universalvoice The US military really is getting fed up with these wars. How would you like to lead thousands of soldiers to their deaths in wars, the purpose of which is to fill the coffers of the banks. No, the generals and admirals are getting as fed up with the government (not just Obama, but Bushes, Clintons, Windsors, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc as well) as the people are. And that’s why the rats are deserting the ship. By the way, there is a GREAT DEAL more gold in existence than the 170,000 tonnes reported by the World Gold Council. There is plenty to go around, even as inflated as the dollar is. The economic crash may not necessarily happen. Watch what happens between now and the end of the year.

    • I agree with on on many areas. With that said, we need people to think outside the proverbial box; so that, when we rebuild, we can do it right. The more ideas that are brought to the table, and explored rationally, the better it will be for all of us. I will also give Drake a try as well. BTW.. Thanks your honest thought-out opinion. 🙂

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