121112 – Here Comes the VAT?

Today’s Items:

Here Comes the VAT?

January 1st, 2013, to avoid the fiscal cliff, federal taxes will be going up.    Obama is philosophically opposed to raising taxes on the poor.    Boehner is philosophically opposed to additional taxes on the wealthy.    The possible compromise is the Value Added Tax, a flat tax, which would distribute the pain evenly to everyone.   In short, taxes are going up folks.

Syria Black Flag

Syria, in a civil war, is launching shells in to the Golan Heights as Israeli forces fire into Syria.     Syria, in a civil war, is bombing the border near Turkey.     What’s next, Syira, in a civil war, will prevent Mark Wahlberg staring in Transformers 4?    This US-coordinated charade is so obvious folks.

Some Things 401(k) Plans Will Not Tell You

1. 401(k)’s were not meant to carry the weight of retirement.
2. There is no real means to determine how much cash is needed for retirement.
3. There is no fee transparency and you will lose years of savings to fees.

Manhattan Investors Conference

Eric Sprott recently gave a presentation and these were his take-aways…
1. Do not trust currencies.
2. Do not trust government numbers or statistics.
3. Own gold and silver. In particular silver because of the unrealistic 50+-to-one price ratio.
4. Use common sense.

What’s Next For Gold As Governments Become More Desperate

Egon von Greyerz says the we are entering the most worrying times in history.    He goes on to say that 2013 will be the beginning of what is going to be a disaster for the world.    Less than 1% of the world’s assets are in gold making it, and silver, the easiest way to preserve wealth in the long run.    Make no mistake, as we enter 2013, one had better hang on to their hats because it is going to be a roller-coaster like ride down.

Food Stamp Rolls

47.1 million people are using food-stamps.    This is, a new record as the biggest increase in one year.     What is even more interesting is that more students are appearing on the food-stamp roles.    How can people safely criticize the government when they are dependent upon it for food.    The simple answer is they cannot and they will be nothing but serfs.

To Fly Or Not To Fly

In a recent poll, by Harris Interactive, 30% of Americans would be willing to undergo a body cavity search in order to fly.    57% would support a law that requires them to obey every command given to them by a TSA agent.     35% would agree to wear a shock bracelet, that could incapacitate them, while at the airport.     In short, the US is on a path that it can no longer depart.

Leaving the Union

There are petitions at whitehouse.gov for various states like Texas, Oregon, Louisiana, Montana and others to withdraw from the US and create their own governments.     If enough electronic signatures are generated, it will be enough to force Obama to give a response.    Which will most likely be the bird.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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