121107 – Gold Rush

Today’s Items:

The Chinese Credit Bubble

While government and consumer debt can be whatever China wants it to be, corporate debt, in keeping with Western-style reporting requirements, is far more difficult to obfuscate and falsify.    With corporate debt leveraged to 130% of GDP in 2011, it is one of the highest corporate leverage ratios in the world.    In fact, there is over-capacity in many corporate sectors; such as, solar energy,steel, and ship building.    Needless to say, this is not going to last for very much longer before it implodes.

The Gold Rush: Why are we Not Being Told the Truth?

Like the Mexicans, the Germans will most likely ever see their gold, being held by the New York Fed, ever again.    Is the US planning to nationalize gold hoards held in the US on behalf of foreign depositors?    It may be a strong possibility…    Assuming they have not sold that gold already to keep the gold price in check.    At any rate, the fact that the Swiss are planning to erect a parallel currency alongside the Swiss franc, that take the form of gold coins could be the final nail on fiat currencies around the world.

Fed Allowing Lehman-Type Blowup To Occur

James Turk states that the Fed is purposely allowing a Lehman-type blowup with their balance sheet.   In dealing with the take-down of paper gold and silver, he states that it was intended to have the maximum psychological effect; however, this paper manipulation only puts off the inevitable as it shakes gold and silver out of weak hands.   But importantly, gold and silver do not need Fed money printing to climb higher.   They are safe havens that do not have any counter-party risk because physical gold and physical silver are tangible assets.    With that in mind, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

Your Taxes Are Going Up 2% Next Year

On December 31st your tax bill will jump 2% starting with your first paycheck in 2013 and beyond.    The payroll tax holiday is over.    That’s right. Your two-year, 2% tax holiday will be over at the beginning of 2013.    Workers’ payroll tax contributions, which are used to pay for Social Security will return to 6.2% from the current 4.2%.    Of course, the easiest way for the government to steel your money is still through inflation.

Gunshot First Aid Kits

A gunshot wound is not a nasty cut, it is at its most basic, essentially a puncture wound. Make sure your first-aid preparations take this into account.

Preppers and Survivalists Owed An Apology

After the complete debacle that was the Federal, State, and local response to Hurricane Sandy, the news media, White House, and commentators that tried to lump all preppers and survivalists into a group of lunatics,  owe those who prepare for disasters, natural or man-made, an apology.   Will they get one?    Not with these waste-of-skins.

Proposition 37.

As Obama was re-elected again as the presidential puppet; Proposition 37, which requires GMO labeling of food, passed in California.   What can I say?   Barf!

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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