Why Romney Really Lost

Okay, many reading this post are active participants in our political process.    More importantly, all of you want to preserve the freedoms you have not lost yet and are fighting to regain many that have already been lost.    I salute each and every one of you for standing up for your beliefs and I encourage each of you to continue.    With that said, here are a few reasons, some that many of you will not want to acknowledge, as to why Obama won re-election.  Why independents, and even Christians, simply told themselves that the election was not worth their time or energy.   Why Romney’s vote count, if it had been the same as McCain, just four years ago, would have given him victory.

1. Both Romney and Obama support the unconstitutional TSA.
O: http://articles.cnn.com
R: http://www.youtube.com

2. Both Romney and Obama support Syria military action.
O: http://www.reuters.com
R: http://americablog.com

3. Both Romney and Obama support the NDAA
O: http://www.forbes.com
R: http://www.youtube.com

4. Both Romney and Obama support Nationalized Health Care
O: Obamacare (no more explanation needed here)
R: http://www.washingtonpost.com

5. Romney did not become the Governor of Massachusetts, the most liberal states in the union, by being a conservative or independent.

6. The Republican Party Leadership Shenanigans of Disenfranchisement.
a. Changed rules in mid stream
b. Votes not counted in Maine in primary
c. Ballot stuffing in Arizona
d. Oklahoma GOP Cheating
e. Scripted voting at Republican Convention

Even if Ron Paul were to lose in the Republican primaries and Convention, it would have at least been a vote by the people and not the elect.  The active fraud committed on a members of this party was a sign, not present at the convention, that their voice meant nothing.   For these reasons and others…   Obama and Romney were essentially  viewed as the same type of pig with a different shade of lip stick; thus, that is why many did not turn out to support Romney.


2 thoughts on “Why Romney Really Lost

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  2. Bomshell videos included in this report Scott … Things are worse than i ever imagined , and i knew things were bad . Every thing has been corrupted ! even our thoughts ! Prepare for the worst folks, Hyper inflation and war in Iran awaits..it don’t look good …gus

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