121101 – Got Grandma?

Today’s Items:

Greece’s 2013 Budget Is A Total Disaster

The Greece 2013 budget, that has to be approved by their leaders does the following…
1. Increases the Debt-to-GDP to 189.1%
2. Create a budget deficit of 5.2% of GDP.
3. Result in their GDP contracting 4.5%
The people who came up with this budget obviouslywould fail a urine drug test folks.

Euro-zone Unemployment at 11.6%

With the addition of 169,000 for a total of 25.8 million, unemployment for the 27 member Euro-zone reached another record at 11.6% last month as the financial crisis continues to take its toll.   The lowest unemployment rates were in Austria and Luxembourg at 4.4 and 5.2% respectfully.   The highest unemployment rates were in Spain and Greece at 25.8 and 25.1% respectfully.   If we had honest figures, the US would probably be in the same neighborhood.

Bribes Using “Gold cards” in China

In cases where some Chinese, who want to hide their wealth, have to bribe officials in Hong Kong, instead of using cash or electronic transfers, they simply set up a meeting and hand the official one, or more, gold cards that are made of physical gold.   You see it all the time in business, where business cards are handed around.   Gives a whole new meaning to having a gold card.   Perhaps, there will be silver cards soon.

The Possible Black Swan For Skyrocketing Gold

Just imagine if a credible whistle-blower, from the Bundesbank, came out and said that the German gold is gone.   In fact, the German gold audit could easily spark others and make the situation more interesting.   Also, it is very likely that 227.7 million ounces, or 87%, from the US gold reserves, were sold into the market to keep the gold price in check.   The idea that Central Banks do not have the gold they claim they have would unleash pure pandemonium in the gold, and soon later, the silver market because people would realize there is no physical backing paper.   With that said, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

$250 Million Grant Creates 400 Jobs

Battery maker A123 Systems received about $250 million to create thousands of new jobs in late 2009.   Since 2009, this now bankrupt energy business pushed by Obama, created only 408 positions.   This is about $300,000 per job.   Officials state that the grant was used for manufacturing equipment which now sits idle.   Pretty much like Obama when he is not on the golf course.

Got Grandma?

More grandparents, parents and kids are living together under the same roof, driven to cohabitate because of the economy. More than 4.3 million, or 5.6 percent, of the 76 million family households in the U.S. today are multigenerational households.    Among the states, Hawaii, at 11%, had the highest percentage with North Dakota having the lowest at 2%.   How long before families have multigenerational beds?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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