121102 – No Internet Equals No Election

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No Surprise – Big Government Fails

Hurricane Sandy made landfall days ago and there are reports of looting in hard hit areas.    Ahead of the storm panic buying left grocery and hardware store shelves empty with many others demanding actions from government officials.    No food, heat, gas, and tainted water supplies has that effect on people.    Perhaps, with residents having to go dumpster diving for food along with fist fights over gas shortages, people may wake up to the realization that big government is ultimately useless in crisis situations.

Sweden Pays Jobless youth to Move to Norway

To reduce the 25% unemployment figures, the Swedish government has taken to paying people to look for work in Norway.    Any Swedish citizen, aged between 18 and 28, can volunteer to take a “Job Journey” to Oslo in hopes of finding a job.     The Swedish government will pick up the 20 euro a night bill at a youth hotel in Oslo.   Of course, food is not included.

No Internet Equals No Election

North America has been experiencing a lot of unusual outages of internet traffic that are not related to Hurricane Sandy.   In fact, at one point, the North American Network was only at 51% up with 18 out of the 37 monitors routers down.   Many voting machines require the use of  the internet and if the internet goes down, then there will be no voting.   A few possible reasons for the internet going down would be.
1. Obama orders a shut down of the internet using Executive Orders.
2. NSA err…   Hackers take out main network ISP routers.
3. A massive EMP event.

Currency Is Being Debauched At Parabolic Rate

Using a log scale from 2000 to October 19, 2012, the price of gold in relation to the British pound, Swiss Franc, Euro, and U.S. dollar all show each currency approximates a parabolic curve upwards, meaning the currency printing presses are accelerating.   In fact, we are quickly approaching the hockey stick moment where all these fiat currencies will simply collapse.

Things Repatriating Gold Bullion Says About A Country

1. Changing geo-political and economic landscape.
2. Do not trust the custodian country, like the US, to keep track of the gold.
3. Foresee the need to protect the future of the country’s own monetary system.

Military Vets Unqualified To Serve In Congress?

Virginia Congressman Gerry Connolly shocked his constituents by claiming that because military vets had spent so much time abroad, they are not qualified to serve in the United States Congress.    I would rather have a bunch of so-called “unqualified” military vets in Congress than all of the condom puppets we currently have.

QE Sandy?

Of all the stupid, idiotic, and expected reasons to increase the speed of the U.S. money printers folks.   There is talk on Wall Street of the Fed actually providing monetary accommodation for the freak storm that hit the North East.   What is next?   QE Christmas to get shoppers out shopping for Christmas?   How about QE Hyper Report?   Give me a break.   Now add this little cherry on top…    New York State has asked the Federal Government to cover $6 billion in damages due to the storm.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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2 thoughts on “121102 – No Internet Equals No Election

  1. Of course any preventing military vets from holding office in Congress is nonsense, but if this would get Lindsey Graham and John McCain out, then I’m all for it. Ron Paul is already leaving and Rand Paul is not a veteran, so no worry there. But the whole idea is nonsense, not to mention unconstitutional and immoral.

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