121031 – Happy Halloween!

Today’s Items:

German Jobs Machine Falters

The number of Germans, that are now out of work and a part of the walking dead, increased to 2.92 million, an increase of over 20,000.   The German economy may contract in the fourth quarter as slowing global growth and Europe’s debt crisis crimp demand for its exports.    It is less than one year to Germany’s election and these numbers should have Merkel worried.

UBS Lay-offs

UBS announced 10,000 layoffs and the people who were laid off found out when their door passes just stopped working when they tried to get into their offices.  Oops…   No letter, no pink slip…   You just can’t get in.   How is that for a trick or treat?

Central Banks Scramble For Physical Gold

James Turk states that the situation concerning Germany’s gold reserves is receiving increasing attention because gold reserves are one of the pillars underlying any country’s sovereignty.    He goes on to say that there is an ongoing scramble to turn paper-gold into physical metal because trading has now moved from the hedge fund community to central banks.    What this really means folks is that Central banks are quickly and quietly returning to the gold standard.   At any rate, a ship with 700 tons of gold ore has gone missing off of Russia.   Hmm… Sounds like a Central Bank opportunity folks.

Italy and Switzerland Ban Flu Vaccines

After quality and safety were called into question, both the Italian and Swiss governments banned the sale of the Novartis flu vaccines.    At this point, no illnesses have been reported. Makes you wonder why the US Government is still allowing this poison to spread meningitis across the US.    Are they trying to create a nation of zombies or something?

Battle of the News Papers

Well, this is a battle that one honestly doesn’t know who to root for.   China’s People Daily, run by the China’s Communist Party, has accused the ghouls at The New York Times of “faking” and “distorting” news and being a government “propaganda tool.”   This is in response to a New York Times hit piece on the Chinese leadership about their hidden fortune.   The Chinese paper goes on to describe The New York Times having no journalistic integrity.   Nothing new there.

Obama: The Cowardly Lion

This video says it all folks.   Apparently, Obama, and his administration, knew what was going on regarding Benghazi in real time; however, they actually made the situation even worse by actively preventing the military and intelligence experts to do their jobs.   In the weeks that followed, people began to get somewhat close to what was going on and that is when, Hillary first, then Obama have tried to distract everyone by claiming partial, and non-descriptive, responsibility hoping that the mess, so close to the election, would go away.   Simply put, we still do not know the truth and some will work to ensure we never will.   Period!

We’re Trashing Mars

Environmentalists are horrified!   One piece of plastic was discovered by the Curiosity Rover and they figured out what is was.    It is a piece that is a part of the rover itself.   Oh…   The horror of it all. We are trashing Mars!

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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