121030 – Iran Has German Gold?

Today’s Items:

Panic at the Bundesbank

It has hit the fan at the Bundesbank folks. Bundesbank may have withdrawn its bullion in self-protection since it did not, apparently, have its own specifically allocated bars in London. In addition, the German gold bars stored in the New York Fed may no longer be there as they may have been sold off a long time ago. Hell, if you have an American Gold Eagle, you may be physically holding a part of that German gold that was supposed to be at the New York Fed. No wonder, officials are Bundelesbank are freaking out; however, they may need a clue as to where the gold went. hmm…

$2 Billion in Gold Smuggled into Dubai

36 tons of gold has been smuggled into Dubai and have been delivered to Iranian buyers in the past few months to satisfy gold demand without adhering to strict Western financial regulations. Yes, as Iran sells oil for gold, the gold just magically appears out of nowhere for the oil trade.   How is that for a clue Bundesbank?

Global Economy Is Slowing

Warren Buffet is saying that while the American economy may be doing better than Europe, the entire global economy is definitely slowing. Buffett has also given a strong endorsement to Benji Bernanke for a third term, saying he’s done an “absolutely superb job.” Yes, if his job is to prop up criminal banks and screw the American people.   Yes, he sure has.   Even with his endorsement, he goes on to say that he is worried about the Fed’s expanding balance sheet.  Well Warren, so are we.

Countries With Zero Income Taxes

Here are a few…
1. United Arab Emirates
2. Qatar
3. Oman
4. Kuwait
5. Cayman Islands

High Executives Suddenly Dumping JP Morgan Stock

Many of JP Morgan’s high level executives have dumped a large number of shares that could be described as unusual activity. Do they have inside knowledge of what is to come? We will see.

Scrap Electoral College?

Many politicians, from Gore to Obama, want the electoral college scrapped. They prefer the idea of the popular vote to decide the Presidential election; however, the electoral college was created to prevent corrupt political machines from deciding elections. This process forces candidates to visit other areas other than the few largest cities in the US. With that said, the winner-take-all for a state’s electoral votes should be scrapped. The Congressional District method, as in Maine and Nebraska, would force each candidate go after each congressional district in a state.   The use of the Congressional District method is more indicative of a popular vote and keeps the political machines in check.    For an idea of a political machine, one only look at Chicago or even Tammany Hall.    Unfortunately, this method does not address voting machine corruption.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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