CIA-Sponsored Cyber Attacks For War & Control

News Flash:

Okay, so I stated it was the NSA that was doing the hacking of U.S. big banks and trying to blame Iran.    My reasoning was simple; in that, the NSA are the experts at electronic communications and they had the resources to mount such an operation.    At any rate, it now turns out the CIA, another alphabet agency may be responsible for the attacks.

The reason for these hacks is simple when one thinks about it.  Remember, it is all about connecting the dots.    Ever since the Cyber-security Act of 2012 was voted down last month, the Obama administration has been trying to find a way to circumvent Congress.   Using these so-called “hacks” has the ability to kill two birds with one stone.    First, the use of emergency executive powers, by Obama, would be viewed favorably if banks were compromised – leaving millions of Americans without access to the non-existent phony money in the banks, and Obama would have his newly popular reason to invade Iran and kill tens of thousands of innocent people for the sake of retrieving the money that was stolen which would never be returned.    Can’t you just hear the war-drums now?    Anything coming out of the U.S. Government should have the following reaction…  DO NOT TRUST AND VERIFY ALL GOVERNMENT STATEMENTS AND ACTIONS!


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One thought on “CIA-Sponsored Cyber Attacks For War & Control

  1. Yeah .. from the WORLD ..”PRESS.”( and flying ? .. well we kill irritating flys ! .who wants them irritating un wanted PESTS ? ) . ha ha .. pressing more daily /….agenda 21 .. sounds good , nice reporting , Oh well . a spiders web ..all on hyper go ! .. you are an agent 4 the NWO .. no doubt about that ,, irt is obvious as Hell .. or ? .. hide and seek ? .. you hide , I seek ..Nice packages do not always contain guddies .. I supported your channel .. but as this is CIA .. oh well F that shit .. with all respects , diss info and fear mongering is not appreciated hear ! ..”keep the masses amused ! ‘.. that is your job , and no doubt U shall continue ! .. cheers have a GOOD day .. :p .. of course you always have ! ..a sucker born every minute ! ..The grim Reaper @ work ! .. zombie state continued , nice info for the brain dead , i’m sure U agree ? .. cheers 🙂 gus

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