Potential US Nuclear Reactor Crisis

News Flash:

The Fukushima nuclear reactor accident is worse than being reported, or should I say ignored, by the mainstream media.    What is interesting is that out of the 104 operating nuclear power plants in the U.S., 11 of those nuclear power plants have the same 8 hour battery back-up as that at Fukushima and the other 93 reactors only have a 4 hour batter back-up.    The back-up battery supply are needed to ensure that a minor incident at the reactor, where it has an emergency shutdown (SCRAM) and loses primary pumps to keep the reactor from over heating, does not turn into a major disaster where people’s lives are at risk when the pumps can no longer supply cool water to the reactor.    Needless to say, the backups need backups for the backups and the length of time needs to be changed from hours to days.

It it also a good idea to keep a large tank of neutron-absorbing boron and/or hafnium to pump into the reactors to ensure it permanently shuts down if the battery power is about to end.   So, will the Department of Energy see to the public safety?   Only after another major U.S. nuclear reactor accident because they are reactive and not proactive about safety.

Source: http://www.youtube.com

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