120830 – US Debt Over 16 Trillion

Today’s Items:

Judgment Day For The Euro And What’s At Stake

The world is awaiting the decision of Germany’s Constitutional Court, on September 12th, regarding the ESM.   Article 125, of the Maastricht Treaty, protects Germany from the socialization of other EU member states debt.   So, will the ESM, that is in violation of this article, still fly?   We will see.

Continued Bank Runs In Europe, Battle Lines Drawn & Gold

According to Caesar Bryan, September will be a good month for gold because there will be support from Europe and the US as the Fed could pull the trigger on printing.   More economic weakness news is coming out of Europe as deposit flight continues out of countries like Spain.   The Far-Eastern central banks and some emerging central banks are buying gold and it is not for tradition.

U.S. Debt Officially Passes $16 Trillion

The U.S. debt is now $16.05 trillion. It just seems like last year that we passed the $15 trillion dollar level. Wait! It was! We passed it on November 15th 2011.    Oh, how time flies when you are having fun.

The Top 3 Rules to Understand About Gold & Silver Price Behavior

Here they are…
1. Volatility does not equal risk.
2. Lack of patience is the greatest enemy.
3. Ignore disinformation campaigns by the banking industry.

US farmers Eye Record Profits

Despite the worst drought in generations, US farmers are heading to their most profitable year on record. Net farm income could reach $122 billion in 2012.   According to the USDA, farmers from North Dakota, will earn 39% more this year.   So, should we expect class-warfare rhetoric to pit the people against the rich family farmers soon?

Turn Out The Lights: The Grand Old Party Is Over

For anyone seriously following the Republican Convention in Tampa, one thing is clear…   All dissent has been crushed, it is rigged, and the Republicans do not follow their own rules.   While it is important to throw Obama out fast, one must carefully consider this potential felon, who sold his soul to the financial devil, that would replace him.

Congressman Calls For More Research Into Safety Of Airport X-Ray Scanners

Citing 3,778 mechanical malfunctions over the last year, Congressman Steve Israel, of Long Island, has called on the TSA to launch an independent investigation on potential health risks of the TSA X-ray scanners.  Of course, the TSA is too busy committing Constitutional crimes to worry about a little thing like safety.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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