Staged Crisis Leading To Suspended Election

News Flash:

Gov. Perdue, stated that Congressional elections should be canceled on September 27th 2011 and this was met with public anger.   Well, it now appears that Valerie Jarrett and a close friend of Obama, according to sources, are well in the planning stages to ensure Obama stays in the White House past next January.   There are multiple scenarios, that were accidentally discovered at the upper levels of the DHS that would accomplish this.   One possible scenario involves a possible fake assassination attempt on Obama.   The racial mayhem, stirred up by groups, like the Black Panthers, could make the normal election process impossible. Even though elections are held in more dangerous area; such as, Iraq.   Remember the purple thumb?

The possible conspiracy of action is simple…   Within the next 60 days, if it appears that Obama is going to lose the election, then any one of any possible scenarios, that can be implemented on a moments notice, goes “hot.”   This would be classified as a “tin-foil” type story if it were not for all of the blatant lies coming from the government.   The main point for this story is this… The more people who are suspicious of any activities by any government official(s), and/or media source(s), the less likely these scenarios will unfold; therefore, as Ronald Regan said… “Trust but verify


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