120806 – And the Silver Manipulation Goes On!

Today’s Items:

Obama Sanctions Against Iran Over Gold

Iran’s gold for oil program is the root cause for the war-drums by the U.S., and her sycophant allies, because it threatens the supremacy of the U.S. Dollar in international trade.   Yes, Iran is developing nuclear weapons, but wouldn’t you if you were surrounded on all sides by the likes of Obama, Bush, or Hillary Clinton?   Obama has made his position clear.   He is using the might of the US military to stop Iran from further devaluation of the US dollar.   This of course, will lead to a direct confrontation with Iran’s allies… China and Russia.

Knight Snafu Revives Talk of Human Role

After a so-called trading snafu caused the loss $440 million in one day, many investors are sick and tired of man vs. machine situation.   There are more calls for regulation, and dropping the automated computer trading systems.   To a point, the dropping of automated computer trading systems would be good; in that, it would be harder for criminal institutions, like JP Morgan, to manipulate the markets.   On the other hand, who regulates the regulators?

The Risk Of Systemic Collapse Is Now Enormous

We’ve had Lehman, AIG, MF Global, PFG, and now Knight Capital that lost $440 million overnight.   People, in mass, are waking up to the fact that keeping their life savings in these ponzi schemes is like throwing money into a fire.   With the combination of the risk of the financial system collapsing, and with massive money printing, investors will want to seek safe harbors, and the debt ridden treasuries will not be safe for long as investors seek the safety of physical assets like gold and silver.

Gold Is In Backwardation & About To Rocket Higher

James Turk believes that the world is in a currency bubble and eventually the bubble will pop because it is backed by nothing.   There’s a ton of money on the sidelines waiting to buy precious metals on the dips.   This is exactly the type of thing one would see at the beginning of a bull market. So, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

CFTC Allows Silver Manipulation To Continue

Surprise!  Surprise!  Surprise!   The CFTC will drop its four year investigation into silver manipulation.    Yes folks,  the silver manipulation, by JP Morgan, can continue for a while longer.    The implications,  smaller short term prices for silver as the paper flies.  Long term?  Fantasy paper can only cover real silver for so long.   Let’s hear it for the ethics that is the CFTC!

Swine Flu Is Back!

According to the CDC, there have been 28 cases of H3N2v Virus.   Persons who are at high risk of influenza should avoid pigs and swine barns this summer.   But, who will take care of poor Wilbur then?    Of course, the government will quickly concoct a potion to inject into you with a few side affects like sterilization.

Schwarzenegger to Head Think Tank

Okay, folks this is funny. Schwarzenegger actually plans to head a think tank to explore “post-partisan” politics and global challenges.   He believes that he, and other socialist he is working with, can bring people from across the political spectrum to work together.   Right! (sarc!)    I hope they do not fill that tank with water or his brain may rust.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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