120807 – US Banker Rats Jumping Euro Ship

Today’s Items…

Wall Street Eyes Protection Against Euro Exit

Wall Street banks are getting ready to flee the Euro-zone. Using hedges, such as credit default swaps, US banks have reduced their net exposure to troubled Euro-zone countries. Investors are not only having to deal with banks’ preparations for a Euro-zone break-up but make their own.  In short, the rats are jumping ship.

Social Security Not theh Deal It Once Was

For the first time, people retiring today, have paid more into the Social Security Ponzi Scheme than they are going to get out. In fact, this situation is going to get far worse as we move ahead. If you retired in 1960, then you could expect to get back seven times what you put into it. Today, only low-income workers retiring today will get slightly more than they put in. In the near future, it will be useless.

Romney Rejects Idea of Another Stimulus

Romney says he doesn’t think another round of stimulus would help the economy because previous stimulus’s did not work. Gee, he sounds like a conservative until you hear that he also has stated that he will create 12 million new jobs in his first term. Yes, he will say anything to get elected… just like Obama.

Thoughts from Eric Sprott

Here are a couple of thoughts from Eric Sprott
1. If prices were not suppressed, gold would be $2500 and silver would be $150 an ounce.
2. If there is war in the Middle East, oil, gold, and commodities will go crazy.

Obama Weighs Executive-Order Option

After the Senate cyber-security bill went down in flames, the wannabe ass-wipe Obama is floating the trial balloon of using executive order to curb free speech on the internet. The public claim is to better protect computer systems from cyber threats. Just like the repercussions of the failure to pass the Dream Act, this is just another in your face finger by Obama.

Joe Biden Takes Another Week Off!

Joe Biden, the Vice President in case many of you had forgotten, has has a lot of time on his hands lately. In fact, he has no official engagements for this week. This close to the start of election season and he is silent… Could Obama, who is trailing in many polls, be thinking of replacing this idiot in the very near future with perhaps… Hillary?

EPA Can’t Regulate Livestock Farms

In some good news, a report to Congress by the EPA, stated that they have failed to regulate pollution from the nation’s livestock farms. The Reason… Because the agency still doesn’t know the location of many livestock farms. The EPA will work with states and local authorities to locate these farms… And everyone knows how much state, and local, governments love the EPA… Not!

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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