120721 – The Scramble For Gold

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Today’s Items:

Syria Roulette

Washington policy makers, like Hillary Clinton, appear to be directly responsible for the escalating bloodshed in Syria.   In their view, cold-blooded murders is acceptable as long as it advances America’s imperium as Hillary Clinton warned about a price to be paid.

Even Counterfeiters Are Giving Up On The Euro

After a fairly steady period through 2006, euro counterfeiting jumped 70% to its peak in the second quarter of 2009.    By the first half of 2012, counterfeiting had crashed 44%.   The fact that counterfeiters are throwing in the towel is definitely a telltale sign to get out the euro now.

Central Bank Gold-Buying Increases by 500%

The World Gold Council recently released its own report for the gold market for 2011.  The report noted that gold buying hit a new all-time high in dollar terms and a 15 year high in tonnage.   It appears, with a 500% increase in gold buying, that the world’s central banks have a voracious appetite for this metal of tradition.   Should we assume them to be crazy, or crazy as a fox as they verbally bash gold while buying it by the ton? At any rate, you can be assured, they are not buying ETF’s or any other paper knockoff of gold…  They are buying the physical.

This Is Why Central Banks Continue To Scramble For Gold

The global financial system is failing and those stop gap measures are becoming less and less believable. History tells us that the current status of corruption, greed, unrealistic expectations and monetary abuse is coming to an end.   In addition, there is more and more evidence of the LBMA gold price fixing scheme coming to an end with more talk that unallocated gold and silver is gone and there could be a real move in gold and silver that will literally frighten most people.  Perhaps the only path to financial safety is to transition to something that cannot be inflated away, such as precious metals; therefore, after preparing, keep stacking.

The Price Of Corn Hits A Record High

Corn is found in about 74 percent of the products we buy in the supermarket and it is used in more than 3,500 ways.   Americans consume approximately one-third of all the corn grown in the world each year and massive amounts are exported to the rest of the world.   Corn could easily hit $10 a bushel as this drought continues, and with millions of families barely able to feed themselves now, imagine what is going to happen over the next few months.

12 Signs That The Next Recession In The United States Has Already Begun

Here are a few…
1. Sales of previously occupied homes dropped by 5.4 percent during June.
2. Only 23 percent of all U.S. businesses plan to hire more workers over the next 6 months.
3. 600,000 American homeowners, that are 50 years of age or older, are currently in foreclosure.

10 States with the Highest Student Loan Debt

Here are the top 3 states with the highest average student loan debt.
3. Iowa $29,598
2. Main $29,983
1. New Hampshire $31,048

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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