120723 – IMF Suppressed Information To Investors

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Today’s Items:

IMF ‘Suppressed Signs that Europe was Facing Debt Crisis’

Surprise!  Surprise!  Surprise!   Even as the IMF notified EU officials that it will no longer provide Greece with more aid, it now appears that this criminal enterprise knew for a long time that the EU was an economic systemic catastrophe and told no one!   The IMF, which has played a central role in the bail-outs of Greece, Portugal and Ireland, never told potential suckers err…  investors of the black hole that they would be sinking their money in.

Forget Corn, Is Soy Poised For Lift-Off?

By now everyone is aware of the silver-like surge in corn prices over the past month; however, the fundamental picture for soybeans may be just as bad if not worse as corn.   From an inventory standpoint, soy is actually worse than corn.   Time is running out! Get your food supply ready now before it is too late folks!

The Frightening Black Swan Nobody Is Talking About

The Chinese know that the dollars of today will not have the same purchasing power as gold and silver in ten years. This is the main reason that they are quickly and quietly getting rid of dollars as fast as they can. When the end comes, and it will, the Chinese, and others with a similar mindset, want to be holding onto physical.   Meanwhile many in the West are running to the delusion that Treasuries of Bankrupt nations like the U.S., France, and others.   What a surprise that will be when everyone comes to the realization of the true scope of the sovereign debt crisis on a world-wide scale.

House to Vote On Fed Audit Bill

The House of Representatives, during an election year, are expected to vote on the bill that will audit the Fed.   This bill has 274 co-sponsors, which will virtually guaranteeing passage.    So yes, this bill will pass the house; however, do not expect the same bill to come up in the Senate.  The good news is that this vote will help awaken others to fascist banking system that is in control of our country.

Worldwide Debt Default is the Only Solution

People from Ron Paul to Paul Krugman understand that raising taxes and austerity will not solve the problem with the present debts levels that simply can never be repaid.   Inflation, while easy for governments to implement, will make things far worse.   An immediate default on all fiat debt, or old-fashioned debt jubilee of sorts, may be the most viable solution.  Think of it.  Which is worse?   Being flat broke in terms of paper assets where many can begin building personal wealth responsibly again or heavily in debt with no way for people, or their children, to pay it off?  Either way, we will have pain.

Weather Report

Please watch this enlightening video about our global weather.   This video quickly details that those claiming man-made global warming are simply full of it.   There appears to be a 143 million year cycle of hot and cold on our planet which coincides with the solar system’s passage through the galaxy.   The earth is, after careful examination, coming out of a 60 million year cold spell. In addition, our sun, for the near future, is in an active stage and is having more than normal CME’s and solar flares.   So, just relax and don’t panic.   Unless we have another Carrington Event.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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