120720 – Prepare For Tough Times

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Today’s Items:

Propaganda Not Working!

For the third time, China and Russia have both vetoed the U.S.’s, via the British, trumped up U.N security council resolution threatening Syria with sanctions.  This is a spectacular failure from Hillary, Obama and others wanting an excuse to do to Syria what they did to Libya.   As November draws closer, will we see the Black Swan event…   You know, an attack on the Olympics, of which there is already talk of the games being cancelled, blamed on Syria or even Iran?   We will see.

Spain’s Banking System: Circling the Drain

The latest data release from Spain show a worsening of the banking system’s problems.   The European Central Bank’s idea to let senior creditors also take losses meanwhile is not really popular.   The country’s house price index dropped 8.3% from a year earlier in the second quarter, indicating that the free-falling real-estate market has yet to find a floor.   Things just keep getting worse.

Germans Are Already Using Deutschemarks Again!

More and more Germans are waking up to the fact that the Euro is financial fiasco. In fact, Germany was interested in the EU as a political entity, NOT the Euro as a currency. Germans have yet to give up on the euro. But as Europe’s debt crisis rages on, many are indulging their nostalgia for the abandoned mark by shopping with it again—and retailers are happily going along. It will not be long before these same merchants stop taking euros as payment.

Get Rid Of Debt & Prepare For Tough Times

Richard Russell issued the warning to cut expenses and get rid of all the debt you can, and prepare for tough times.   He does not like the utter calm and complacency seen as deluxe restaurants are full at dinner time and families travel to Disneyland.   It is going to take about six months to a year before the public begins to realize that times are changing and they need to adjust accordingly.

Post Office Might Miss Retirees’ Payment

Fat cats heading the United States Postal Service announced that without taxpayer money, that the poorly run Post Office will default. It will default on the $5.5 billion dollar payment on August 1st.  In the mean time, politicians in both parties are playing the blame game.

Dreams from My Real Father

The lies that make up Obama are coming more apparent everyday.  Now we have a Photoshopped image from Barack Obama’s own  Facebook page.   The Black hand under Obama’s right armpit doesn’t match Ann Dunham’s right arm.

Why Are So Many Bad Things Happening To America?

The following are some of the bad things that are happening to America right now….
1. The worst heat and drought in 50 years.
2. The rising trend of wildfires.
3. The rising number of very powerful tornadoes.
4. The radiation from Fukushima
5. Economic collapse
6. Poverty explosion
7. The death of American cities as they become hellholes.

Getting the idea?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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