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Today’s Items:

Negative Interest Rates

The European Central Bank could reduce the bank’s deposit rate to zero or even lower.  If the ECB cut the deposit rate, it would take an important profit opportunity away from banks.  The possible result of this is further credit contraction, which will make the EU economy worse.

Mitt Romney Says He Could Wage War on Iran Without Congress’ Approval

Like his soon-to-be predecessor, Obama, Romney has effectively stated he does not recognize the need for Congressional Approval, as per the U.S. Constitution, to wage war against Iran, and by extension… Russia and China. So, in November, the U.S. will have a change in dictators.

Major Markets to Resume Their Decline

Citibank analyst, Tom Fitzpatrick, believes that Germany will be consistent with its fiscal beliefs and will continue its hard line. In addition, he believes that the EU summit at the end of the week will mirror past ones and will end with no tangible resolutions. The result of course, will be a further deteriorating condition in Europe until the next emergency summit. And the wheel goes round and round.

We’re On The Edge of Collapse, We’ve Run Out of Time

John Embry believes we are on the edge of collapse. He believes that if the euro does split apart, because of the fiscal brinksmanship, it will be chaotic. If it does not, then they will vote to print up more euros and it will be inflationary. He goes on to say that we have never, ever been remotely in a condition like this in all of world history. Hmmm…. Sounds like that Chinese curse… May you live in interesting times.

The truth about the Fast and Furious scandal

The main stream media is now locked in a furious attempt to explain why they have completely ignored this incredible story for almost two years now. This lame article actually had the nerve to claim, in the third paragraph, that there is no federal statute that outlaws firearms trafficking. So, what they are implying is that the Department of Injustice and the ATF have spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to stop people from engaging in legal acts of commerce?

The Government Is Here To Help You Lose Weight

Well, big brother government is ramping up its fight against fat people. Yes, a federal health advisory panel has recommended that obese adults receive intensive counseling. These taxpayer funded “Chew-the-fat” sessions would be geared to help people lose weight with the old mantra “eat less and exercise more”.  Excuse me, my pink slime burger and shake are calling for me.

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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