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Today’s Items:

Germans Back Euro by Small Majority

Only 43% of Germans would vote to keep the euro while 41% would opt to return to their former currency.  In addition, 51% of Germans favor EU membership.  With that said, as more news comes out how bad many EU nations are, there is an intensifying desire to get the hell out.

Supreme Court Upholds Mandate as Tax

A divided Supreme Court’s decision upholds that the government is allowed to tax people for not having health insurance.  In effect, this ruling grants Congress more power to oppress the people.  Imagine…  Donate 10% of your income to buy U.S. bonds, or some other item up to Congressional vote, or pay a 20% tax.  Yes, soon our pledge of allegiance will be “One Nation under Government with No Liberty and Injustice for the slaves.”  This country has been going to hell for a long time. Today they finally put the tombstone over the grave.

How the Ruling affects You

Aside from the death of liberty, to get an idea how the Supreme Court ruling will affect your finances, go to this site.  So, while you ponder your costs, just imagine how much Holder’s criminal contempt of Congress will cost him as he goes to Disney world?

JPMorgan Loss As Large As $9 Billion

First $2 billion on May 10th, as stated by Jamie Dimon, now it is past $9 billion.  Their publicly admitted loss is getting bigger by the day as the proverbial derivative dam shows more leaks.  It is unlikely that we will know what the true magnitude of their losses are until this bank, and others, go under.

Gold and Silver: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Yes, the price of gold and silver are tanking and for the short term that will be the case. Aside from the Supreme Court ruling, the reason for this is simple, there are forces out there, using paper, to get you scared to invest in these physical assets.  With that said, as Central banks, directly, or indirectly, ramp up their printing, or digital, presses, inflation will increase.  At some point, look out because the house of cards that is the fractional banking system will collapse and if you are holding paper, you are holding trash.

Ron Paul’s Federal Reserve Audit Approved by House Committee

The House Oversight Committee has approved a bill requiring a full audit of the Federal Reserve; however, it must pass the full house and the same bill must pass the Senate.  In addition, it must be strong enough to stand up to the assured Presidential veto.  In short, do not count on any successful vote for the auditing the Fed seeing the light of day…  Period!

London Olympics

For those attending the London Olympics, you may want to rethink that decision. It has been found out that G4S, the company responsible for security at the Olympics, has ordered 200,000 caskets and has botched security procedures that leave the Games open to attack.  In addition, there is a lot of weird Illuminati symbolism associated with these particular games that is well… Pretty scary.

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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