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EU Unraveling

Yes folks, the dominoes keep falling, now it is Holland that is on the road to insolvency as the Dutch government falls. In Holland, the budget gap is five, not three, percent and political parties do not have the will to reverse this. In addition, the European Central Bank will be forced to print because austerity is not an acceptable solution to the people.

Italy Police Seize $5 Billion of U.S. Securities

Remember when 134 Billion dollars in bonds were seized in Italy in 2009. Well, it would appear that the Italian police are really good at identifying financial scams involving U.S. securities. This is because they have found another $5 billion in bonds as they were most likely heading toward Switzerland. But a question is… Are these bonds fake or real?

8 Key Charts, Gold, Fed & The Big Picture

Discouraged investors must be asking what it will take for precious metals shares to break out of their extended funk. Three changes in the macro climate are becoming evident… Rising interest rates, rising inflation, and a slowdown in China. Let’s not forget the debt to GDP ratio and that the printing by the Central Banks. As the situation becomes worse in these areas, gold and silver will escape their funk; therefore, have patience and keep stacking. Think of this as a prolonged buying opportunity.

The Exter Inverted Pyramid

They say that a picture says a thousand words and the Exter Inverted Pyramid is not an exception. The fact that gold is at the bottom of this pyramid while derivatives are at its bloated top, speaks volumes on how everything is going to collapse. Keep stacking.

A Hard Look at the President

Knowing that they played a decisive hand, by being on their knees before the anointed one during the 2008 election, the New York Times has decided to play damage control by going after Obama now. What a joke. Yes folks, the blood is in the water and it does not matter how many shows Obama and Michelle go on because Obama is out and the Obama clone, Romney, is scheduled to be in.

Seven Year War

With 450 million human shredding .40 caliber rounds, the Department of Homeland of Insecurity is preparing for a seven year war with the American people. This is calculated using the 5.5 million rounds per month that were used during active battle operations in Iraq. Most U.S. soldiers would refuse to participate in the tyranny; however, the scum that make of the ranks of the SS err… the TSA will be armed and ready to rape, pillage, and murder Americans. But look on the bright side…. At least we can count on the U.N. to step in and save us.

Marijuana Causes Cancer Suicide

It would appear that Marijuana can cure some forms of cancer; in that, when canavoids connect with cancer CD2 receptors, it tells the cancer cell to commit suicide. In lab results, 25-30% of mice rejected the tumors. So, looks like marijuana now has a medical value.

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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