130507 – Return To Nature

Today’s Items:

Threat to the Eurozone

The eurozone economy has contracted every single quarter since the end of 2011.    During the first three months of 2013, the region’s GDP shrank by 0.6%.    Things are getting so bad that Oskar Lafontaine, the German finance minister who launched the euro, is calling for the ‘catastrophic’ currency to be broken up.

Syrian Rebels Using Sarin

According to UN investigator, Carla del Ponte, the Obama supplied Syrian Rebels are using the nerve agent sarin.    So, in addition to Obama thugs running guns from Libya to Al Qaeda in Syria, they are supplying nerve agents as well?

Holder To Ignore State Laws

Holder, in a letter to the Kansas Governor, has stated that he considers state attempts to protect the Second Amendment “unconstitutional” and that federal agents will “continue to execute their duties.     A federal gun law hasn’t even been passed, and yet, Holder wants to enforce it with the ammo that the DHS has been stocking up on.   Sadly, something tells me we are getting close to a Fort Sumter moment and more and more are realizing that Washington is in the wrong.

Watch List

Remember that watch list that we were told would be tiny?    Well, this so-called tiny list currently has 875,000 people labeled as extremists on it.    These 875,000 list of names is larger than the number of active duty U.S. Army soldiers, that has about 531,000.    In addition, the whole watch list, that goes well beyond the so-called extremists, has many times the 875,000.   I wonder if I may be possibly on it?

35 Excuses That Will Doom The Non-Prepper

Here are a few…
1. Oh come on, it is never going to happen.
2. No matter how horrible it is, help will eventually come, I just have to wait it out.
3. Even if something happens, there are plenty of food and supplies for everyone in my city.
4. If a true catastrophe occurs we are going to die, besides that I don’t want to live through it anyway.
5. If something happens I will just run to the grocery store and stock up before it closes.

Facts Comparing Organic To GMO Corn

Here are a few…
1. Organic corn has 7 times more manganese!
2. Organic corn has 437 times more calcium!
3. Organic corn has 56 times more magnesium!

10 Reasons To Soak Up The Sun This Summer

Here are a few…
1. Vitamin D
2. Disease Prevention
3. Sleep better
4. Grow veggies in your ears…    Ah wait, just grow veggies.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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