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130122 – US Oil Boom At A Price

Today’s Items:

Why the Euro Zone Crisis Is Over… Until September

Europe’s economies and markets have nothing to fear from the defeat of Merkel’s party in recent German region elections.    The euro zone crisis will effectively be on hold until Germany’s national elections in September and that is when it will hit the fan.    Merkel is hoping to secure a third term as leader in September, and if she wins, she will do anything in a vain attempt to hold the EU together…    Including bankrupting Germany.

Something Substantial Has Just Changed In The Silver Market

Most of the time, shortages don’t mean there is not a lot of the commodity around, it just means there is not a lot of it available at that particular price.     What that means is if there is a demand for silver out there and it can’t be met by the available supply on the market, the price is going to have to go higher.      If the supply shortage is real out there, we are going to see it reflected in the price action in the near future.

Geopolitical Consequences Of US Oil Boom

A conveniently released “confidential” report by the German version of the CIA tells that the biggest loser for the US oil boom will be China.     The US could become the largest oil producer in the world by 2020, surpassing Saudi Arabia and Russia.     US independence from Arabian oil would impact the relationship and balance of power between the US and China because China needs resources like oil.     So, with the relatively new fracking going on in the US, what could go wrong?

Methane Bubbling Near Bayou Corne Sinkhole

In a startling new development to the growing sinkhole in Louisiana, methane is now beginning to bubble up through the ground as seen in this new video.    Methane is a silent killer and a very volatile gas that explodes with tremendous force.    As this relatively unreported disaster escalates, some residents can expect to be poisoned to death or even ‘blown up’ in their own homes, just by turning a light on!

Debunking the Sandy Hook Debunkers

The media is doing their best to cover up facts about the Sandy shooting; however, the facts just keep getting in the way.
1. The supposed AR-15 used in the school was retrieved from the suspects car and only handguns were used.
2. News clips of the chase in the woods, the capture, and interviews with witnesses.
3. The FBI talked exclusively to the New York Times, and the Times returned the favor by interviewing none of the eyewitnesses.
4. Where is the school’s surveillance video?
Is it any wonder that Americans are growing more distrustful of the media and the government?

Homeland Security hoarding Ammo, Depriving Police

Cops scramble for bullets while the Department of Homeland Insecurity stockpiles 1.2 billion rounds.    Hopefully, if Congress does not give Obama what he wants in the form of gun control, ammo will begin to appear on shelves again.    The good news is that the people recruited at the DHS are like the old NAZI SA, recruited from prison and told to be street thugs.    They meet real resistance of any kind and they will run away like the cowards they are.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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