130726 – Socialized Higher Ed

Today’s Items:

Indian Price of Gold

Four important factors that impact Indian gold prices are…
1. VAT rates in different states in India.
2. Gold rates differ for various carat ratings.
3. Seasonal demand
4. Local demand.
In addition, at present, the Indian import duty is 401 dollars per 10 grams and new rates are due by the end of this month.

9 Ways Americans Rights Are Gone

Here are a few…
1. The federalization an militarization of local police departments.
2. Local governments collecting data on gun owners and forwarding it to the DHS.
3. The DHS launches environmental justice unit to effectively take land away from Americans.

Gold Trust Is Breaking Down

According to William Kaye, part of the reason for the gold and silver smash is central bankers continue to try to make those metals not appear as real money.    Because of manipulation, the lease rates for gold have gone negative and stayed negative for two weeks; thus, people are paying a premium for physical gold today versus taking a paper promise from the COMEX.    So, people will pay a premium for delivery of gold that does not exist.   Opps!

House Votes To Spy

In a vote of 217 to 205, the House of Representatives voted against the American people and allowed the NSA to continue to conduct their dragnet spy program on Americans.    So, like the KGB, the NSA will now be emboldened in their efforts to gather as much information on Americans with impunity.

Too Fat To Fly

While Mexico now has the world’s fattest population, America is just a few percentage points lower.     At present, 1% of Americans, that need emergency medical services can not be airlifted to a hospitals because they either weigh to much or they simply cannot fit through the aircraft doors.    Helicopters are being purchased that can increase the patient weight allowance from 250 to 650 pounds; however, until then, we may loose a lot of fat.

Socialized Higher Ed?

Because of the staggering student tuition debt, Obama has vowed to unveil a plan to promote significant reform in higher education.    It will have emphasis on what colleges can charge students and families.    If this sounds like socialism….    Bingo!    Of course, many faculty at many colleges will welcome this kind of socialism until they are told that pay for all faculty will be relatively the same –  whether their discipline is history, nursing or law.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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