121215 – UN Follies

Today’s Items:

Painful Years Ahead for Euro zone

German Chancellor Merkel rejected suggestions that the worst was over for the euro zone.   She stated that the euro-zone would not see improvements in the labor market for several years.    At least someone prominent in the euro-zone, unlike the US, recognizes there is a fundamental fiscal problem.

Massive Bank Cyber-attack planned

Security firm McAfee released a warning that a massive cyber-attack on 30 US banks has been planned.    The intended goal is to steal millions of dollars from consumers’ bank accounts.    While a denial-of-service attack is feasible by many of US enemies, the ability to steal from 30 banks appears more like a CIA operation to give cover for the collapsing banking system.

UN World Tourism Organization

Planning a vacation?    Well, do not forget to involve the slime balls at the UN in your decision making.    From forcing you to use the same towel for several days to save energy and water, these bastards want to help ruin your vacation.    Here is yet another reason for getting out of the UN because it has drifted from its original charter in so many ways.

Fed’s Balance Sheet

Michael Pento said that the Fed recently celebrated the 4th anniversary of 0% rates and massive expansion of its balance sheet.    The Fed’s balance sheet was only 800 billion dollars in 2007.    Today, it is 2.8 trillion dollars and by 2015, it will be 6 trillion dollars.    The Fed’s policies are dangerous and virtually guarantees the economy will suffer a severe depression in the near future.  Central bank printing is the primary reason why smart governments are buying physical gold while idiots are selling it.

Krugman Should Move to North Korea

Marc Faber, in this 50 minute video, was great.    He outlined many of the mistakes made, in the form of unrealistic bubbles, that lead up to and after the financial crisis of 2008.    When dealing with the US debt, he essentially called Paul the “wannabe communist” Krugman out and said if he likes high debt, he should move to North Korea.

Physical Silver

Drutter, in his video, gives his top 10 reasons why to own physical precious metals. Here are a few…
1. They have always been money and will always have intrinsic value.
2. They cannot be devalued like fiat currencies.
3. They have no counter-party risk; thus, you will not be MF Globaled.

UN Control of Internet Blocked

In some good news, the UN will not be able to control the internet for now.     While China and Russia, for obvious reasons, supported the idea of slime balls at the UN controlling the internet, many other nations, including the US, could not stomach the idea.    It is nice to see that the US allowed the International Telecoms Union to dig their own grave.

Global Food Crisis

Please watch this video that clearly tells the story that links inflation and the recent years of drought to the current food crisis around the world.   Food prices are skyrocketing around the world; therefore, please prepare now.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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