140205 – Immigration Backstabbing

Today’s Items:

Factory Orders

U.S. Factory orders dropped 1.5% in December which was the biggest drop since July.    In addition, the year-over-year inventory rose the fastest since June and is the fastest month-over-month build in 15 months.   The good news is that Greek factories have reported their fist growth since 2009!

Why India Imports Silver

India consumes more than 20% of the silver produced and more than any other nation.    They need it for the large number of Indian weddings by a rural population that accounts for one-sixth of the worlds population that cannot afford gold.

Backstabbed On Immigration

Paul Ryan and Chuck Schumer are in talks on immigration, and if Ryan’s budget deal is any indication, get ready to pull that knife out of your back, thanks to these two bastards.    Add to this, is the fact that Sonia Sotomayor believes labeling those who illegally enter the country as criminals is insulting.    Hey Sonia, would invaders be more appealing?

Global Ponzi Scheme Collapse Begins

Gerald Celente predicted the Fed taper in December and January months ahead of time.    He now says that there is no way out this time for central bankers as the global Ponzi scheme has now begun to collapse.    Countries are raising interest rates to protect their currencies as their economies decline which is counterproductive to growth.    He goes on to say that all hell will literally break loose as the global Ponzi scheme collapses and people are running out of time to get prepared.

Welfare State

Despite the fact that food stamp usage by Americans are at a record 47.7 million people.    Despite the fact that 49% of households get government assistance.    Obama claims that there has not been a massive expansion of the Welfare State.    What are the chances that Obama is lying?

Tea Party Acts

Tea Party groups are actively attacking both McConnell and Graham for supporting Obama and his ‘Hate America‘ policy.     Hopefully, they will show these senior U.S. Senator bastards the door.

United States Corporation

Please watch this video as Chris proves that the United States is legally defined as a corporation.

14 Alkaline Food and Drinks for Optimal Health

Here are a few…
1. Lemon water and not lemonade
2. Bananas
3. Apples
4. Carrots
5. Broccoli
6. Honey
7. Grapes

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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Today’s Items:

BRICS Demand Bigger IMF Role Before Giving It Cash

Brazil demanded more power from the IMF before giving it more funds to address the European financial catastrophe. The cash starved West can either agree and be dictated by developing economies, or say no and watch their economies flounder faster.

1 In 2 Graduates Jobless or Underemployed

Facing a mortgage-like student loan debt, 53.6%, or 1.5 million, Graduates in the U.S. are either jobless or underemployed. Those graduates that majored in zoology, anthropology, philosophy, art, history and the humanities were among the least likely to find jobs. Meanwhile, employment for plumbers to 2015 to 2016 is expected to grow very strongly.

The Third Gun

It appears that the FBI hid existence of a third gun recovered from the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.  Yes, the Department of Injustice, under the slime-ball Holder, is doing everything they can to obstruct the truth from ever coming out.  Gag orders were issued to Border Patrol agents; however, emails 12 hours after the murder tell a different tale than the official fictional story.  The Department of Injustice is protecting a so-called informant…  Yeah right…  At the cost of justice for Brian Terry and his family.

IRS Harassing Tea Party Groups

Because members of the Tea Party typically oppose Obama, the IRS has been unleashed upon them. Donations made to them are not tax deductible because the IRS is refusing to grant non-profit status like they did with the NAACP in the 1950’s.

Get Physical Gold & Silver

Harvey Organ, in and interview with Chris Martenson, details how the banking cartel is still trying to keep a lid on the manipulated price of gold and silver under the current economic situation around the world. The paper raids are failing as gold, and silver to a minor degree, holds its own because the physical is essentially gone. In short, ignore the paper noise and keep stacking.

Untested Vaccines Causing New Wave of Polio-Like Paralysis Across India

Like the Nazis during World War II, it now appears that Bill Gates’ foundation are financially backing vaccines to reduce the world’s population by 15%. Yes, these vaccines have contributed to over 47000 cases of paralysis in India. So, the question is, when will Bill Gates get the Humanitarian of the Year award?

YouTube Dealt Fresh Blow by German Copyright Ruling

Because of a German Court hearing, YouTube has to take down copyrighted clips. This could be the first step in YouTube having to pay huge sums of royalties. With that in mind, be ready for anything from YouTube folks.

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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