140430 – No Manipulation?

Today’s Items:

Russia and Iran

Iran and Russia are negotiating a 10 billion dollar power deal in the face of increasing U.S. financial alienation.    Plans include the construction of hydroelectric and thermal generating plants and a new transmission network.    Moscow has additionally been discussing the trade of 500,000 barrels a day of Iranian oil for Russian goods with Tehran.    So, more evidence of the Petrodollar’s impending demise.


According to Tom Fitzpatrick, multiple charts indicate that gold and silver may now be setting up to punish the shorts with a major upside advance.      Perhaps, the Goldman Sucks recommendation to their muppets  err…   customers may come true.

Trade Secrets?

It appears that four Wall Street mega banks hold over 680 billion dollars in life insurance on their workers that is payable to the banks.     Add to this is the fact that beginning late last year, a rash of suspicious deaths start to occur among current and former bank employees.     So, when Federal regulators are asked about the connection, they said it was a trade secret?    So, is the banking industry a dangerous business or the banker’s profit margins are good enough after they hire hit men?

Markets Are Not Rigged

The Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Pinocchio err… Mary Jo White, in congressional testimony, confidently proclaimed that the markets are not rigged.    So, High Frequency Trading and ‘Fat Finger’ flash crashes are perfectly normal as well?    Anyway, it is interesting that with the gold manipulation crackdown that Deutsche Bank resigned their London Fix seat.     No manipulation?

Obama Teaching Teachers?

If the 500 billion dollar Common Core scandal is any indication, the “bold new standards” plan that Obama wants for teacher preps is going to go over like a lead balloon.

Cell Phone Recording

A man in Miami was arrested for recording another man’s arrest with his cellphone.     The charge was obstruction of justice.    Yikes!    Hopefully, the officers are charged with false arrest and are soon walking around in orange jumpsuits.

Too Much Information

An appeals court ruled that Jersey City asking for prior employers and waivers to release all information to police was not allowed for gun permit applications.    Jersey City officials said they disagree with the ruling and will appeal.    Needless to say, they are not very appealing.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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