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Executive Order

Well folks, Obama is issued the National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order.  Which is an update of earlier executive orders that now includes the Department of Homeland Insecurity that did not exist before.  In short, this executive order essentially allows the U.S. government to nationalize… Everything.


The spectacular implosion of the “Stop Kony 2012” campaign shows the impact of alternate media.  Alex Jones led the charge that focused on the disinformation in the “Invisible Children” effort.  No amount of acting by Obama’s friend, George Clooney could eclipse the public masturbation of the video’s creator and the facts that shed light on false flag that had an African invasion as the primary goal.  Is it any wonder that the mainstream media is losing the information war?

Bleak Outlook for US Newspapers

The Newspaper Association of America has shown that advertising sales have halved since 2005 and are now at 1984 level’s.  The Newspaper industry may be the fastest-shrinking industry measured by jobs lost.  Soon, it may be hard to find a newspaper to fulfill its primary roll of lining the bottom of a birdcage.

Gold Will React to the $120 Trillion of Additional Debt

Egon von Greyerz states that in the past eleven years, for every dollar of debt created only six cents of GDP has been generated.  Essentially, what is happening is a the law of diminishing returns.  In the past 10 years, the world’s debt has gone from 80 to 200 trillion dollars. , or 140% increase.  He goes on to say that QE will start again and the there will be a big upward move in gold and silver; therefore, keep stacking!

California Imploding Just Like Greece

In Feb 2012, California income tax receipts are down $328 million y-o-y, or 16.5%.  In total, year over year state income has plunged 22.55%.  California politicians are delusional, as businesses leave in droves,  that high taxes have nothing to do with the economic situation.  But remember this, as Taxifornia goes, so goes the Country.  At least California pensions are safe…

Untouchable Pensions May Be Tested in California

Stockton California could file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy in June.  This may put pensions under the sword, to cut the city’s debt.  This may spread to other localities and place pensions on the chopping block.


Protein powder could be an excellent source of calories and protein in a disaster situations.  It requires no refrigeration even after opening.  It requires no further preparation than putting it in a jar with liquid and shaking it.  It can take the place of meals if necessary. Something to consider folks.

Ron Paul Draws Massive Crowd Of 5000 In Illinois

Ron Paul receives a rock star reception; however, don’t count on the press reporting on it.  Ron Paul said, to cheering crowds, that the Patriot Act should not have passed and that we have a reasonably good constitution.  Meanwhile, Rick Santorium, in Kansas, had a whopping 150 people show up to his event  and the GOP leader, Mitt Romney, had a handful at his appearance in St. Louis.  And people actually still believe that the election is not rigged.  Right!

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day