120831 – Alaska Gets It

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Will China Lend Battered Euro Zone a Helping Hand?

Here we go again folks.   Could Merkels request compel China to come to the EU’s rescue?   Give me a break.   China is not interested in throwing their money down a fiscal black hole.   They want tangibles and they want items for the future and paper promises just do not cut it.

Gold To Hit $3,000 On Supply Concerns
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Sean Boyd, CEO of Agnico Eagle, believes that gold could reach $3000 based on lack of supply.   There is increased demand for physical gold by both as investments and by Central Banks.   This is because, when looking at the late 70’s, gold had the highest returns against other asset classes like T Bills, Bonds, Stocks, and real estate.   Another force for gold is China is about to stimulate their economy, with about $1 trillion in money printing, for projects to boost the economy.

Lindsey Williams

Okay everyone, grab your pencil and paper because here is what Lindsey Williams has to say…
1. People around the world do not trust their governments and that is a part the elite’s plan using chaos.
2. The elite are having a problem with Syria…   They did not expect Assad to last this long.
3. The elite are having problems and are very upset with Obama for different reasons than the average American.
4. War is the instrument used most by the elite to get what they want.
5. Something drastic is about to happen to the dollar and there could be an imminent shutdown of the U.S. Government.
6. The Fed is scared to implement QE3 because the BRICS have threatened to drop the dollar period.
7. Do not sell your gold and silver and it is the only way to protect your financial assets.

The Silver Lining

Yes, we will have an economic collapse; however, here are a few reasons to be optimistic about the future.
1. 95% of America’s land space is rural, “wide open” space and even drones would be limited.
2. Government forces are limited and can only cover high-density population areas — the cities.
3. Rural culture teaches a survival mindset.   Farmers are very resourceful and innovative.
4. FEMA round-up attempts will not work very well with prepared “country folks”.
5. Those who survive will respect liberty, justice, personal responsibility and the order of law.

Alaska Gets It

Because of its remote location and dependence on a flow of supplies from the lower 48 states, Governor Sean Parnell is making disaster readiness a hallmark of his administration. His solution is simple…   Build giant warehouses full of emergency food, with a 5 year shelf life, and supplies, just in case.   With Anchorage alone, having about 300,000 people, he is going to need some big warehouses folks; however, he should be applauded for his efforts.

Ron Paul’s Maine Delegates

Ron Paul’s Maine delegates, some of whom were war veterans, were barred from the Republican coronation err… convention.   The Republican National Leadership acknowledged that there the Maine voting was filled with irregularities; however, their solution was to replace some of Ron Paul’s delegates with ole “Goldman Sachs” Romney cronies.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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The Supremacy Of The US Dollar Is Behind Us

The Bricks – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa are meeting to discuss unseating the U.S. dollar as trade currency. As more and more nations look at the laugh-out-loud U.S. financial situation, the more they will drop the dollar. 2012 is the year that the US dollar will suffer from a significant drop in utilization as the international settlement currency. Of course, when that happens, expect a lot more manipulated government intervention, wars, and inflation folks.

Obama’s Real Oil Agenda

To have an impact on global prices of oil, the US must produce more or use less. Obama has been in the use less side. With the rejection of the Keystone pipeline, he not only wants to reduce dependence on foreign oil, but all oil. Oil is the fuel of the engine of capitalism and freedom. So, look for gas prices to continue to increase folks.

Timeline to America’s Total Destruction

Okay folks, its time to grab your pencil and paper. Pastor Lindsey Williams was on the Alex Jones show and had the following to say.
1. Obama may not be re-elected because the elite are very upset that he killed the keystone pipeline.
2. No financial collapse will not happen before June and pay no attention to the stock market.
3. Make sure you are out of paper when derivatives becomes big news and into physical gold and silver… like silver eagles.
I still like Canadian maples… silver is silver.

The People V Jon Corzine

It now appears that Jon Corzine personally ordered 200 million to be transferred to JP Morgan shortly before the MF Global went belly up. If he knew, which is a 99.9% probability, that he did not have the money without exposing customers money, he will be liable. Time to start asking for that Presidential Pardon Jonny – Or cough up that missing $1.6 billion.

What If the National Debt Were Your Debt?

This video scales down the mind-boggling government numbers to numbers of a typical household finances. Scaled down, a household with $50,000 dollar in income, would have spent $88,000 in 2011. Continuing on, this fictional household now has a debt of $320,000 paying about $10,000 a year in interest at about 3%. Just imagine what is going to happen when interest rates go up.

3 Reasons to End Obamacare Before It Begins

1. Its price is already ballooning
2. It will not make people any healthier.
3. Increases Government and decreases the people.

Precious Metals Fraud

As more people get into precious metals as a way to escape the falling dollar, people like James Price, in Virgina, are going to take advantage of the situation. He plead guilty to mail fraud by going after those who wanted to invest in precious metals. In short, if you cannot stack it, then you lack it.

City May Sell Historic Landmarks

The economic situation is getting so bad that historic landmarks in Baltimore may soon be up for sale. How long before national parks are up for sale? Imagine… The Hyper Canyon, or perhaps, the Hyper State building.

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day