121023 – Gasoline Game-Changer

Today’s Items:

The Exodus of China’s Upper Class Continues

Things in China are much worse than many believe.   In fact, many of China’s upper class are trying to get as much money out of the country before the collapse happens.   Estimates of $225 billion has left China in the 12 months leading up to September.   What is interesting these Chinese are willing follow the West anywhere, instead of China.    Maybe it is out of morbid curiosity.

QE3 Side Effects

QE3 has quickly made its way into Asian markets.   Central banks in Asia spent $18 billion to curb the rise in their currencies.   The inflation created with this printing will increase prices from food to fuel.   Whatever Benji Bernanke is lacking in ethics, he appears to more than make up for in dishonesty.    So, get out of these ponzi schemes and into real assets.

Iran Has Agreed to Nuclear Talks

It is amazing that Obama has gone from a crystal-clear promise to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons to having nuclear talks within four years.   Not!    Yes, this is a so-called last-ditch effort to stop a war between Iran and the US; however, why would those in Iran believe anything that comes out of Washington and vice-versa?    Hell, when it comes to Obama, Romney, or Ahmadinejad, one can tell that they are lying simply because their lips are moving.   Perhaps, Iran and the US could have a Beer Summit.

Pay Gap Between Government and Private Widens

The gap in pay of private-sector workers over federal employees and has jumped 8 percentage points since last year and now is at 34%. This is the second year of a pay freeze for federal employees.   Just imagine the excitement when those mandatory fiscal cuts become active starting in 2013.

Romney Owns the Voting Machines

Tagg Romney, son of Mitt Romney, has purchased electronic voting machines that will be used in the 2012 elections in some states like Ohio, Washington, and Colorado.   Let’s see, Ohio is a critical swing state this election and Romney effectively controls the voting machines.   Hmm….   No conflict of interest here folks.    Not!!!

2012 Race Called

Well, color my thumb purple folks because Obama has already won the election weeks ahead of the vote. At least according to a CBS News graphic that showed Obama winning the election with 43% of the vote nationwide to Romney’s 40%. Even if this were a simulation, it is very clear how the media follows the dictators Chavez, Castro and Putin in supporting Obama.

Third Presidential Debate

While disagreeing on style; such as Romney leveling the “Apology Tour” accusation with Obama’s pathetic “Ask the Reporters” response, both candidates clearly signaled many of the same foreign policy actions.    With that, the US’s war-drums to control oil production nations will continue; however, could this policy be soon pointless?

Gasoline from Thin Air

In a possible “game-changer”, British scientists have developed a way to create synthetic gasoline with only air and electrical power.    Because it (the gasoline) is made using hydrogen and carbon dioxide, it is carbon-neutral.   When, and if, this method goes into full production, how long before US forces liberate the UK?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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