130724 – Scandals

Today’s Items:

Foreign Troops

Even though the Senate voted not to ratify it, Senate rules have changed. Under Article 15 of the UN Small Arms Treaty, if the treaty is ratified, Obama can request foreign troop assistance in disarming Americans.    Many will eagerly welcome the foreign troops with a hailstorm of bullets.

Iceland’s Recovery Is A Lie

We are told that things in Iceland are getting better.   What we are not being told is the Icelandic deficit spending government is spending 17.3% of its tax revenue just to pay interest on the their debt.   Housing prices continue to fall as the Icelandic people, who have mortgages that are increasing with each payment, cannot afford to buy hardly anything with double digit inflation.    Hardly the picture of recovery.

Al Qaeda Prison Break

About 500 Al Qaeda prisoners were able to escape out of Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison.   The NSA was too busy determining what Americans are posting on Facebook instead of their tasked responsibility of analyzing foreign intelligence and counterintelligence that may have prevented this escape.


London’s Bureau of Investigative Journalism released a leaked Pakistani report on Drone strikes. Between 2006 and 2009, there were 75 CIA and 5 NATO drone strikes in Pakistan.    746 people were killed and at least 147 of the victims were civilians, and 94 were children.    The so-called transparent U.S. government denies the large number of civilian deaths; however, they will not release data.    So, just how many innocent people have died since 2009 from drone strikes?

Uphold Oath

Pelosi is off her meds again…   She stated that Congress should uphold their oath to ‘Protect and Defend’ the Constitution by essentially passing gun control.    Of course, she did not state which constitution she was referring to as she needs a straight jacket and a padded room.

Phony Scandals?

Commenting on apparent criminal behavior, a senior White House official griped that Congress should not be asking questions.    An inspector general’s report revealed that the IRS was targeting groups opposed to Obama, and questions should not to be asked?    People die in Libya and questions should not to be asked?    The ATF coordinates the illegal sale of weapons responsible for hundreds of deaths in Mexico and questions should not to be asked?    The Department of Energy gives 500 million dollars to a now bankrupt Solyndra and questions should not to be asked?   Yeah, it may be better to simply impeach than to ask questions.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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