140418 – Breaking Point

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The Cyprus theft last year made western smart money investors aware that their investments were not safe.     This has lead, despite paper selling, to a stampede to physical gold bullion.     This has led to the COMEX gold inventories being drained and is now only 8 million ounces.     But get this, GLD holders foolishly must believe that there is 25 million ounces.     So, the COMEX may have already defaulted.

Electrical Power Prices

According to data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. the U.S. national average for a kilowatt-hour of electrical power hit a new March record of 13.5 cents.     This is up 5.5% from the 12.8 cents per kilowatt-hour in 2013.

Breaking Point

According to U.S. Census Bureau data, in 2012, about 86.4 million full-time private-sector workers supported 147.8 million non-veteran benefit workers.     Eventually, there will be too few private-sector workers carrying too many benefit workers, and the U.S. will have reached a fiscal breaking point.

Political Prosecution

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, it turns out that scumbag Lois Lerner, center scapegoat of the IRS targeting scandal, had contacted the Department of Injustice to apply heavy handed prosecution tactics against groups opposed to Obama.   Is it any wonder, with the apparent collusion between the IRS and the Department of Injustice, that this will never be resolved?

Obama to The Rescue

Obama is riding in to save bankrupt Detroit with 100 million federal tax payer dollars to save Detroit pensioners.     After all, Obama can’t have a broke Detroit so close to midterm elections.


Here are two recent examples of how education is changing…
1. The SAT, used for college entry, is changing and now essays will be optional, points are no longer deducted for wrong answers and you get more time to take the test.
2. Yale university is offering a freshman level course in the color blue.
What’s next?     A degree in nannying?     Wait, they offer that at Sullivan University.

The Most ‘Free’ States

Using criteria; such as, regulatory, property rights and tax burden, North and South Dakota, and Tennessee are the top three free states.    Rounding out the bottom three are New Jersey, California, and New York.     My state of Texas ranked 14th on the list.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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