Geithner Shields Citi at Taxpayer’s Expense?

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No one should be surprised that “Little Lying” Timmy Geithner may have acted as a shield for Citigroup, at the expense of the American people.    Sheila Bair, who served as chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp during the crisis and its aftermath, leveled fresh attacks at Geithner for his possible illegal acts.   She states that Geithner was more interested in protecting Citigroup from the FDIC than protecting the taxpayer’s money from Citigroup.    So, will Geithner blame Turbo-Tax on this one too?

Needless to say, Geithner’s fellow goons state that every decision Geithner made to rescue large financial groups was done with the broader economy in mind; however, does it explain the huge bonuses?    So, a question that needs to be asked is…   Was it really bonuses that were paid out at Citigroup, or was it “Hush” money; so that, the public would not get wind of the scam that cost taxpayers billions and billions of dollars?


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Spain Has Worse Problems Than Greece

While everyone seems to be interested in the unfolding drama in Greece, it may be a preamble to the next scene of this horrible worldwide play… Spain.   Spain has the highest rate of unemployment in the euro-zone at over 22%.   A possible Spanish potential default would have much larger implications for the euro zone than Greece.

Most Americans Would Back US Strike Over Iran

A Reuters/Ipsos poll found that 56% of Americans do not understand the big picture when it comes to Iran. 56% of Americans do not understand the consequences of military action against Iran. 56% of Americans do not know that military action with Iran could lead to nuclear war. 56% of Americans are completely in the dark to what is going on outside of their little world.

Is the Greek Debt Problem Really Solved?

The CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) no longer wants to be a clearing house for European derivatives. Why? Most likely Greece and its eventual fallout. The question is… When will Greece formally default and how much are U.S. banks going to lose when this happens? At any rate, the race for liquidity, and stability, will exponentially increase when the sovereign defaults start appearing.

Banks Shored up by Stress Test Success

Four of the 19 Banks, did not pass the FED’s laugh-out-loud so-called worse scenario stress test.   To get an idea of how bogus this test was…   Citigroup failed but Bank of America passed?   Give me a break…   This is just too easy folks!

You Can’t Beat Silver as an Investment

With less above ground silver than gold, here are some the uses that silver is essential for.
1. Medical Uses
2. Cell Phones
3. Solar Panels
4. Batteries
5. Robotics
It’s uses are increasing and silver is not getting any more abundant; therefore, keep stacking!

Orlando Sanford Florida Airport Wants to Opt Out of TSA\

After repeatedly hearing horror stories about the TSA at his airport, the president of the Orlando Sanford International Airport wants the TSA Nazi goon squad out of his airport.   This is the first major airport that, if permitted, will allow private operators to screen passengers.   It will also lead to a landslide of other airports to get out of sickening procedures by the TSA.

The Recession Has Changed How People Walk Through A Grocery Store

Supermarkets are designed for impulse buying; however, people are mostly only going to selected aisle and it is killing store margins. So, in tough times, people are more selective about their buying choices?  Gee, what a revelation. Good advice is to shop on the edges of the store, that is where the dairy, meat, breads and produce are.

Voter Fraud

Well, James O’Keefe has done it again.  This time showing how easy it is to illegally vote without an ID. His undercover video shows you need an ID for a beer or a hotel room, but not to vote. Even registered dead people can vote without an ID is exposed.

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day