Geithner Shields Citi at Taxpayer’s Expense?

News Flash:

No one should be surprised that “Little Lying” Timmy Geithner may have acted as a shield for Citigroup, at the expense of the American people.    Sheila Bair, who served as chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp during the crisis and its aftermath, leveled fresh attacks at Geithner for his possible illegal acts.   She states that Geithner was more interested in protecting Citigroup from the FDIC than protecting the taxpayer’s money from Citigroup.    So, will Geithner blame Turbo-Tax on this one too?

Needless to say, Geithner’s fellow goons state that every decision Geithner made to rescue large financial groups was done with the broader economy in mind; however, does it explain the huge bonuses?    So, a question that needs to be asked is…   Was it really bonuses that were paid out at Citigroup, or was it “Hush” money; so that, the public would not get wind of the scam that cost taxpayers billions and billions of dollars?


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