Obama’s Election Chances Depends on Greece!

News Flash:

Holy Bat Shit folks, Obama, seeing his election chances dwindle, is now pleading to the leaders of European governments to not let Greece fall out of the euro-zone before the November election.   Now, can you imagine why this may be?   Could it be, if Greece falls out, the dominoes that hold up this financial fraud, or International Monetary System, could come crashing down too quickly for the people to believe the lies?

Anyway, representatives from Western Central banks will be arriving in Athens to see the damage that they have created next month and be able to place, yet, another slave chain on the people of Greece.   So, if you are living in Greece, you can welcome your masters, or if you are smart…   Do like Iceland and get that “Brazen Bull” ready for them.

Source: http://www.independent.co.uk

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