Allocated Gold: Destroyed by the Blast?

Before 911:

  1. Gold and silver bullion were removed from the World Trade Center vaults prior to the 911 attack.
  2. Just weeks prior to the 911 attacks, Larry Silverstein took out $3.55 billion dollar insurance policy on the WTC which included terrorist attack provision.
  3. Irregular short selling of stocks (in particular airline stocks) took place prior to 911.


  1. China bought the London Metal Exchange for over 134 times the earnings
  2. There are increasing complaints from investors that they cannot get their “allocated gold.”
  3. Those who have gotten delivery of their allocated gold claim that what they are receiving are not the bars they were told they had.
  4. The LIB OR scandal affected trillions of dollars in the financial markets.


  1. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that large amounts (i.e. tons) of gold have moved from London to China and other points east.
  2. There are rumors that “allocated gold” has been used to satisfy bigger (government) transfers and is therefore no longer available for delivery to the rightful owners.
  3. The LIBOR scandal is so far-reaching it is impossible to estimate the damages to the banks involved.

Effects of a so-called Terrorist “Nuclear” Attack on the London Subway?

  1. The theft of the allocated gold would be covered up. “We’re sorry, all that stored gold we had for you was destroyed in the blast.”
  2. The LIBOR scandal goes away (all records destroyed)…. along with the current London Banking system. A new system will arise with the same leadership at the top.
  3. The pound sterling would fall like a stone and the dollar would suffers collateral damage since the London-New York-Washington nexus is so tight.
  4. Gold & silver would soar in the West as most of the East, except Japan, took physical possession.
  5. “Lock down” would occur for citizens in the US.
  6. Obama’s election chances would soar as “why change leaders during a crisis” mentality would set in.
  7. War will likely follow with the fall guy being Syria, or even Iran.



Hyper Report recommends the reading of Gregory Mannarino’s The Game is Rigged

Today’s Items:

The US Can Break Apart Just Like Europe

A house divided cannot stand. This seems to be the situation that the U.S. is quickly approaching. While the U.S. may have a common heritage, language, traditions, and culture, it is beginning to suffer the same fate as Europe with idiotic extremes in multiculturalism, political whores vying for votes while ignoring the people, and an oppressive central government that appears to be without restriction. As an example, splinters are already forming with states using the 10th amendment to neuter Washington’s strangle hold on them.

Customer Shocked “Allocated” Gold Not in Swiss Bank

Bank runs in Greece, Spain, and now a French bank; however, now there is a question of missing allocated gold in a Swiss bank. A Swiss Bank?  Are you kidding me?  If this is true, then we now know why the Swiss are truly tying themselves to the failing euro…  They no longer have the gold!  In short, keep stacking physical because apparently your bullion bank isn’t.

Currency Wars to Trade Wars

James Richards is warning many on the impending set of currency wars that is beginning to take place. In fact, all currencies are in a race to the bottom to increase trade at the expense of the people of the nations.  To ensure that people do not buy foreign goods, excise taxes, or tariffs, are being increased…  For example. Obama wants to tariffs for solar panels from China. Here is another example…

Indonesia imposes 20% Export Tax on Gold, Silver and Platinum

Indonesia has decided to retain gold, silver and platinum in the list of minerals enforced with a 20 percent export tax.  The reason given is to prevent over-exploitation of the country’s natural resources and excessive environmental hazards before 2014.  All kinds of excuses are going to be made; however, expect international trade to go down.

Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Illustrated

Take a look at this video showing an illustrated view of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet over the past few years. The balance just keeps blowing up folks as it is the garbage dump for big banks like JP Morgan, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs. In addition, it may be of interest that China can now, unlike other entities, buy U.S. Treasuries directly from the U.S. Treasury. Things must be getting desperate if the middleman Goldman Sachs is left out of the loop folks.

These Are The Colleges That Will Be Screwed When The Student Loan Bubble Pops

Inadequate-capital institutions are less prepared to absorb potential revenue losses from drops in enrollment, alumni giving, or investment income.  These institutions typically use bank credit lines or other arrangements that are vulnerable to the banking industry.  In addition, if a school’s student body has more than 25% of its students on state, or federal aid, it may also be at risk.

Facebook Enters Bear Market

Hopefully, none of you seriously listened to the hype, regarding Facebook.  If so, you lost at least 20% of your money. The reason for the loss is simple…  Mobile computing is taking over, and without advertisements, Facebook has no long term source of revenue.  Still, it could be worse, you could have invested heavily in Zimbabwe dollars.

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day

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