Hillary Clinton Will Not Want A Presidential Pardon From Obama

On September 8th, 1974, President Nixon gave Richard Nixon a full and unconditional pardon for any crimes he may have committed.  In the same vain, President Obama could also give the same kind of pardon to Hillary Clinton prior to his departure in January 2017.  On the surface, this would be a slap in the face at the justice system; however, Hillary would not be in a far more uncertain area.

In 2013, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act, giving his stamp of approval to the Pentagon spending bill that kept Guantanamo Bay open and made indefinite detention for U.S. citizens possible.   Hillary Clinton, in a nationally televised debate, blurted out a national secret about having four minutes for a nuclear response.  Since “loose lips sink ships“, what would any national security conscious thinking president to do?

It would be relatively easy to imagine President Trump, because of national security, have Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton taken into custody and sent to Guantanamo Bay as a national security precaution with no lawyers to talk with.

Of course, if this were to take place, there would be a petition to the Supreme Court that has already refused to uphold the Constitution and allow indefinite detentions already. So, a petition, to currently evenly divided court would amount to nothing as Hillary, and her immediate family, sit in an uncomfortable holding cell, for months – or even years.   A situation, that would with normal medical care, Hillary and Bill, would likely not survive.


5 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Will Not Want A Presidential Pardon From Obama

  1. Good Morning Scott , that’s a course of action for President Elect Trump to take but I like the idea of finding a Country , say Syria , Iraq or even Haiti where the Clinton Crime Syndicate has been busy and ask them if they would like to petition for the extradition , with proof of course , of the Clinton Cabal to the Hague to stand for their many International crimes.Start with an easy win first , say Haiti where the evidence is abundant and then move onto other Countries that will take a little longer to collect the evidence such as Syria , Libya or Iraq where they can be charged with the more serious charges of crimes against Humanity. They could round them all up and wrap them up like a Valentines Day present to the World and extradite their criminal azzes to The Hague.
    Peace my Friend Y

    • That could be a secondary measure; however, that will take time. The NDAA is immediate and would cut off any press conferences or lawyer access.

      • True enough and it is always good to keep your enemy close by and handy in case you need them. Wonder if they would have the Cajones to bag and tag Soros. If anyone presented a clear and present danger , it would be him. Bag him and send him with a bow to Putin , I hear that he wold just love to have a little chat with George.Something about almost collapsing the Russian Economy not to mention all the crap he caused in the Ukraine.
        Peace Y

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