160501 – Descent into Chaos

Today’s Items:

Descent into Chaos

Less than two years after the U.S. setup a puppet government in Iraq, things are falling apart as protestors storm parliament. So, as Iraq falls further into chaos, how will Obama, who declared Iraq a sovereign, stable, and self-reliant country in 2014, treat this as a success?

Monitoring List

The U.S. Treasury is crating a new ‘Monitoring List’ that tracks major trading partners that include China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Germany, that have had trade surpluses with the U.S.. They are warning these countries not to devalue their currencies because it is very likely in the near future the U.S. Dollar will be devalued.

Silver “Rocketship”

According to Bill Murphy, the silver market has changed because of Deutsche Bank’s agreement to settle a class-action lawsuit accusing it of manipulating the gold and silver markets with other investment banks. He goes on to say that is an exciting time as the revelations of the market rigging continues.

Texas Voter-ID Law

The Supreme Court denied an emergency request to block Texas’s Voter-ID law; thus, it will remain in effect and it will be much more difficult for illegal aliens to vote for Hillary in Texas. Look for more illegal alien immigration to California from Texas.

Flocking Together

Looks like many Republicans and Satanists have something in common. They both object to Obama’s bitch, Boehner, calling Ted Cruz ‘Lucifer in the Flesh.’ You know what they say… Birds of a feather flock together.


Thanks to the government gone wild with $15 an hour wage hikes, the future of fast food service will involve much less human interaction according to former McDonald’s CEO Ed Rensi. Jobs will be permanently replaced with automated kiosks as McDonald’s has been testing a self-serve McCafe coffee kiosks in downtown Chicago.

EPA’s Toxic Spill

After the EPA caused a toxic wastewater spill in Colorado, officials of the rouge agency stated they would not fully cover the costs associated with their criminal actions. The state of Colorado needs to prosecute then.

Global Warming Scare

Some scientists are now claiming that their global warming modeling may have been all wrong. So much for the science being settled Al Gore. Anyway, all of those horror stories of flooding and droughts was as truthful as Al Gore’s scam known as ‘An Inconvenient Truth.’

Darwin Award Participants?

To help young adults get placed into the Darwin’s Awards, some nations are placing traffic lights into sidewalks; so that, smartphone users don’t have to look up as they cross the street. Sounds cool, unless these traffic lights get hacked, then one should expect a multitude of deaths as people walk into traffic.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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