151206 – Reserve Currency

Today’s Items:

Voluntary Gold Monetization

The Indian government is claiming that their gold monetization scheme is entirely voluntary. The question is… Will it stay voluntary? Anyway, those people that turned in the 400 grams of gold, so far, must be feel as though they will get it back… Good luck!

Reserve Currency

The IMF elevated the Chinese yuan into a basket alongside the dollar, euro, yen and pound. So, when Obama’s former chief economist called for the end to the U.S. Dollar’s reserve status, can people seriously believe U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew when he is stating that the U.S. intends to ensure the U.S. Dollar stays as the world’s leading reserve currency?

ISIS Obsession

The CIA created ISIS believes the current global economic system of paper money is a disaster. Well, we now know that ISIS is not made up of illiterates. When the ISIS took over Iraq’s second largest city last year, it stole nearly $450 million from Mosul’s central bank which included unknown, vast quantities of gold bullion.

Reality versus Gun Control

As I stated last month, Obama will never do anything to safeguard America under any circumstances. After Obama assured Americans that there was no imminent threat, a Islamic terror mass shooting occurred just after an active shooter drill exercise in San Bernardino by ISIS supporting terrorists. From New York to Detroit, law enforcement officials, seeing the danger, have recognized the need for armed citizens. Meanwhile, Obama wants Congress to pass a law to deny second amendment rights to anyone put on a government list with no reason needed.

Gun-Free Zones

The safest place to avoid gun violence is far away from a gun-free zone. Gun crime has been on the decline for about 20 years, except for high-profile shootings in gun-free zones. Creating zones, where law-abiding citizens are denied the ability for self-defense, have allowed high-profile attackers to find easy targets.

Higher Ed Economics

On top of the many problems facing higher education, the American Council of Trustees and Alumni found that colleges are not teaching simple economics anymore. Of the 1,100 universities reviewed, only 34 taught economic courses to their in-debt graduates.

10 Things to Remember

As things get worse, here are a few of the 10 things to remember…
1. Some things are going right.
2. Something good will come out of this.
3. I have overcome past difficulties.
4. This too shall pass.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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