151202 – Entered Obama Zone

Today’s Items:

Dollar System

With the IMF’s upgrade of the Chinese Yuan, the dollar’s days are numbered and the new global economic order is shifting into place. For now, the Chinese Yuan will hold about 10% weight in the basket of currencies. Since more Saudi oil goes to China than the U.S., it is very likely that Saudi Arabia could start taking Yuan as payment soon.

Combating Terrorism

Since France has been a victim of Islamic terrorism, François Hollande has no choice but to address it accordingly. So, since everyone pretty much knows that Obama supports terrorism, via ISIS, Hollande has decided to team up with Putin to combat terrorism.

Gold and Eagle Sales

Despite the price suppression, the U.S. Mint’s sales of American Gold Eagles surged in November totaling 97,000 ounces. This is up 185% from October and is 62% higher from a year ago. Meanwhile, demand for American Silver Eagles has already reached an annual record at 44.67 million ounces, breaking the full-year record of 44 million ounces in 2014. So, with 294 ounces of “paper gold” for every 1 ounce of gold the COMEX holds that is actually deliverable, this is a great situation for physical holders.

California Idiocy

It turns out that California has yet another problem with their spending. Half of the illegal immigrants in that state qualify for Medicaid. California has to pay 44% for now; however, that percentage could increase if things get worse for that state.

Obama Zone

Instead of rallying the world against ISIS in Paris, Obama tried to galvanize the world against melting glaciers. Yes, we have traveled to another dimension – a dimension of narcissism, meekness, and arrogance. That’s a signpost up ahead: your next stop: The Obama Zone!

Carbon Dioxide Good!

It appears that NASA did not get the Obama global warming disaster memo; in that, a NASA study reveals that carbon dioxide emissions makes trees grow faster. Which, in turn, helps in reforestation and food production. Of course, any child familiar with photosynthesis could have told them that.


The Pope stated that the world would be headed toward ‘suicide’ if no climate agreement is made. Seriously, with the expression on his face, he looks like Nancy Pelosi’s father!

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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