150222 – Political Bands

Today’s Items:

Financial Ebola

According to Art Cashin, the so-called Greek deal is a farce and the crisis could turn into a catastrophic “financial Ebola.” With ongoing negotiations, the new Greek government could lose support of the Greek people; thus, they will harden their stand. This crisis could make the EU situation worse and wreck the global economy, because of a possible EU derivative implosion.

Port Disruption Signal

There are port disputes creating major problems on both the east and west coasts of the U.S.; however, if the past is any indicator, the problems will get worse. Time and time again, once the dispute ends, retailers and wholesalers are overloaded with goods that are no longer in demand because economic activity has collapsed. This happened in 1973, 2001, and 2008 and is likely to happen this year.

Terror Threat

According to Martin Armstrong’s model, when the U.S. economy starts to move downward in fall 2015, dissent will spread across the land like brush-fire and the status quo will call dissenters terrorists. When the media, like CNN, join the DHS in calling conservatives and Vets a terrorist threat, it is time to carefully review the first paragraph of the American Declaration of Independence.

American Homeless

Nearly one-third of all the homeless people in America live in these ten cities… Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, San Jose, Washington D.C., San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and the highest number, at over 67,000, is New York City.

San Francisco Police

A public defender, just outside a courtroom defending her clients from police interrogation without counsel, was arrested for resisting arrest. The entire incident was caught on video; however, the slime that are the San Francisco police say what they did was justifiable? Public defenders have a duty to protect the constitutional rights of their clients and this shows just how far down the rabbit hole that this nation has gone.

California to Texas Translation

For the many Californians moving to Texas for a job, here a just a few terms to help you try to adjust…
What Californians call ‘Commonsense Gun Control’, we call a ‘Gun Confiscation Plot.’
What Californians call ‘Investment For the Future’, we call ‘Higher Taxes.’
What Californians call ‘Religious Zealots’, we call ‘Church-goers.’
What Californians call ‘Social Progress’, we call ‘Marxism.’
What Californians call ‘Truants’, we call ‘Hoomschoolers.’
What Californians call ‘Nonviable Tissue Mass’, we call ‘Unborn Baby.’
Remember, it’s all in the words you use.

Obama’s Choice

In April, Rashad Hussain will replace Alberto Fernandez as the director to combat ISIS propaganda. Since Rashad Hussain has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, it will interesting to see the stupidity that comes out of that.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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