150219 – Global Crack-Up

Today’s Items:

Greek Drama

Greece is on a collision course with the Eurozone’s creditor powers after emergency talks ended. Greece must repay 22.5 billion euros this year, starting with 4 billion owed to the IMF over the next six weeks. Something tells me that is not likely to happen; however, if Eurozone leaders cannot keep Greece in line, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and several smaller countries may start doing the exact same thing. In addition, considering how fragile the global financial system is right now, this could easily snowball into a complete global financial collapse.

4 Signs of Global Crack-Up

Here are, without details, the four signs that the global economy has entered the crack-up phase…
1. Increasingly desperate moves by the world’s central banks
2. Increased market volatility and losses
3. Deflation in industrial and commodity prices
4. Decreasing demand due to Peak Debt

ISIS Directs U.S. Airstrikes

Negotiations have been concluded to give Syrian rebels, with admitted allegiance to ISIS, the authority to order U.S. airstrikes. This is an example of FUBAR folks!

Pharma Prostitute

Rather than chastise the drug industry, Senator Elizabeth Warren has proposed a new law to let them buy their way out of criminal convictions. She, sadly, represents the true character of America’s leaders today — protect the evil, prosecute the just, and rake in the dough.

Vaccine Dangers

Because of better nutrition and sanitation practices, death rates from conditions from measles, scarlet fever, typhoid, whooping cough, and diphtheria were all in major decline prior to the advent of their respective vaccines. The graphic evidence over time is quite compelling to anyone with an IQ above their shoe size. In addition, the UN has been caught spiking vaccines with chemicals used to sterilize women in Africa. Perhaps another gift from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation?


Here a few of the 16 examples of how Obama is a complete idiot with national security…
1. Openly supported the Muslim Brotherhood that has a manifesto that openly calls for the destruction of all forms of government but Sharia Law.
2. Imposed rules of engagement on American troops in Afghanistan that led to unnecessary deaths of American soldiers.
3. Deliberately lied about Al Qaeda being decimated when he was aware it was getting stronger.
4. Held a secret meeting in the White House with Muslim leaders including some with direct contacts with terrorist organizations.

German Army Shortage

An awkward revelation has been made that the German army faces such a shortage of equipment that some soldiers had to paint broom handles black and use them as machine guns during a NATO exercise last year. So, Germany, the world’s third-largest arms exporter in 2013, may not be ready to defend itself or their allies, but, they may be ready for a game of Quidditch with Harry Potter.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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